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We offer a wide selection of wind and brass instruments, suitable for beginners as well as for advanced and more demanding students of music schools and professional musicians.

Wind instruments and brass instruments are instruments that have a resonant body, usually tubular in shape, in which sound is created by blowing through a mouthpiece, which is usually placed at the end of the resonant body. The pitch is determined by the length of the pipe and by manually changing the effective length of the vibrating air column by pressing on a system of openings, keys or valves. In wind instruments, in many cases a wooden tongue is placed on the mouthpiece, which creates a characteristic sharp sound with vibrations, e.g. clarinet, saxophone, oboe, bassoon. However, the mouthpiece can also be without a tongue, where the sound is created only by blowing air, e.g. flute, recorder, various flutes.

In some wind instruments, sound is produced by blowing through the cane; others require buzzing in the metal mouthpiece, yet others require the player to blow into a hole on the edge that splits the air column and creates sound.

Trumpets are tubular shaped instruments in which sound is created by blowing air through suitably tense lips in mouthpiece of the instrument, causing vibrations that are then converted into sound. In the case of wind instruments, the pipes are often wooden, while in the case of trumpets the pipes are made of metal, which are rounded and have a combined cylindrical-conical beaker.

Brass instruments include:

  • trumpets, cornets and wings,
  • french and Flugelhorns
  • trombones and
  • bass brass such as euphonias, baritones, tubes and suzaphones.

Methods of obtaining different tones for wind instruments and brass:

  • the use of different air columns for different tones, such as pan flutes. These instruments can play several tones at the same time.
  • Changing the length of the vibrating air column by changing the length of the pipe via shut-off valves (rotary valves, piston valves) that direct air through additional pipes, thus increasing the overall length of the pipe and thus lowering the tuning of the base tone. This method is used on almost all brass instruments.
  • Changing the length of the vibrating air column by lengthening and / or shortening the tube with a sliding mechanism. This method is used in the trombone and sliding flute.
  • Changing the frequency of vibrations by opening or closing openings on the side of the pipe. You can do this by covering the openings with your fingers or by pressing a button, which then closes the opening through the valve. This method is used in almost all wind instruments.
  • Achieving vibration of the air column on different harmonics without changing the length of the air column. This method is used e.g. to play the hunting horn.

To expand their basic register, almost all wind instruments and brass instruments use the last mentioned method, most often in combination with one of the other methods described above.

We offer the following categories of wind and brass instruments:

YAMAHA YFL-372 Flute YAMAHA YFL-372 Flute

The Yamaha YFL-372 open hole flute is the latest model to replace the very popular YFL-371 flute. The YFL372 Intermediate Flute features a Sterling Si..

1.157,68€ 1.286,31€

Flight saxophone has valves as well as a brass body. It is gold lacquered and has an automatic lever opening for the G # valve. Other features include..

530,01€ 557,90€

Top Seller
FLIGHT FCL-200S Clarinet Bb FLIGHT FCL-200S Clarinet Bb

FLIGHT FCL-200S Bb clarinet is a great choice for a beginner! It contains 17 valves, its body is made of ABS plastic, and the valve system is made of ..

220,00€ 231,58€

Top Seller
FLIGHT FTR-200G Trumpet Bb FLIGHT FTR-200G Trumpet Bb

The Bb trumpet Flight FTR-200G has a gold-plated brass guide tube, and the valves are made of stainless steel. The diameter of the body is of medium s..

199,00€ 209,47€

Top Seller -7%
YAMAHA YFL-272 Flute YAMAHA YFL-272 Flute

The Yamaha YFL 272 flute with open hole keys (French style keys), offset-G and split E-mechanism is the new and improved version of the Yamaha YFL-271..

641,21€ 689,47€

The Jupiter Waveline JFL700WD Prodigy model flute has assisted key cups that helps the student with smaller hands play more comfortably. The JFL700WD ..

633,00€ 666,32€

On YFL272SL a lip plate designed to guide beginners toward proper breath utilization, keys with carefully considered dimensions and angles for optimum..

749,00€ 788,42€

JUPITER JEP1020 Euphonium

Bore14.5mm Bell 280mm Valves 4 Stainless Steel (3 up 1 side) Body lacquered brass with neck trim Removable valve section for easy repair or cleani..

1.766,74€ 2.208,42€

Great choice for a beginner - it is light and ergonomically perfect for children. On the flute, there are Pisoni Lucien DeLuxe pads that are made of f..

230,00€ 242,11€

JUPITER JBC1000S Bass Clarinet

The Jupiter JBC1000S Bass Clarinet is at home in a school's band, orchestra, jazz ensemble, or a recording studio. The Jupiter JBC1000S Bass Clarinet ..

1.994,05€ 2.099,00€

Top Seller
HOHNER 9516 Soprano Recorder German Fingering

With decades of experience and skilled craftsmanship, HOHNER´s designing engineers and product managers continually strive for improvements in sound a..


YAMAHA YAS-480 Alto Saxophone YAMAHA YAS-480 Alto Saxophone

With a design influenced by high-end Yamaha saxophones, the YAS-480 features highly accurate intonation, a warm tone and a quick response. It is light..

1.776,31€ 1.973,68€

JUPITER JHR752L French Horn

The Jupiter 752L is a single horn in F with a rose brass leadpipe, mechanical link tapered rotary valves and nickel-sleeved outer tuning slides. It ha..

1.514,10€ 1.892,63€

JUPITER JSS1000Q Soprano Saxophone

A popular choice in schools, this soprano saxophone has some very professional features such as power forged brass key work, auxiliary high F# key, ad..

1.385,95€ 1.630,53€

JUPITER JTS700Q Tenor Saxophone

New model for June 2014 - mark III Bb Tenor Saxophone Body yellow brass High F# key Gold lacquer finish Adjustable thumb hook Heavier bracing/bu..

1.479,00€ 1.556,84€

Top Seller

The flute is designed with features to give children the very best possible start. The engraved markings on the 'Wave-Line' headjoint and barrel of th..

720,00€ 757,89€

YAMAHA YTR-5335GII Trumpet Bb

This is the latest version 2 of the YTR5335. With a host of improvements over the popular Mk I model, the YTR-5335GII Bb Trumpet offers stunning tone ..


JUPITER JPC1100E Piccolo Flute

The Jupiter JPC1100E piccolo is a beautiful grenadilla wood instrument with a grenadilla wood hand-cut headjoint and silver-plated nickel silver keywo..

1.249,00€ 1.314,74€

The Flight tenor saxophone FTS-200 has a high F # key. The saxophone has also a thumb rest. The body and keys are made of brass and are lacquered. The..

550,00€ 578,95€

JUPITER JCL1100S Clarinet Bb

The JCL1100S features a left hand Eb key for assistance in technical passages, an ergonomic register key, adjustable ergonomic thumb rest, a ringless ..

917,90€ 1.147,37€

Top Seller
HOHNER B95852 ALEGRA Soprano Recorder German Fingering

It has been specially developed for music education. The optimised hole spacing is particularly good for children’s hands. The narrow mouthpiece makes..

29,89€ 31,46€

VANDOREN CR1925 V12 2.5 Bb Clarinet Reed

Bb clarinet V12 reeds are manufactured from cane tubes with the same diameter as cane used for alto saxophone reeds. As a result, they have a thicker ..


FLIGHT FFH-102R is a great choice for beginners. With its good intonation and easy tone production, you will surely fall in love with this instrument...

349,00€ 367,37€

Top Seller
YAMAHA YAS-280 Alto Saxophone YAMAHA YAS-280 Alto Saxophone

The YAS/YTS-280 saxophones offer a perfect start because they are designed with the young beginner in mind. Relatively light-weight and ergonomically ..

1.021,99€ 1.075,78€

When designing the YCL-450 Series, we conceived it as an instrument that a player just starting out, would want to continue playing well into the futu..

1.022,00€ 1.075,79€

JUPITER JAS-767GL III Alto Saxophone

The Jupiter JAS700 alto saxophone is a beginner instrument with advanced features. It is built to withstand the rigors of student ownership, and has a..

892,50€ 1.050,00€

Jupiter JCL750SQ with Grenadilla Wood Body allows the player a full bodied, mellow tonal quality rich with vibrant overtones. Metal Tenons are designe..

854,05€ 899,00€

The Yamaha YTR-4335GS has been designed by the same team that produces our top-of-the-line professional models and shares many of the same qualities, ..

849,00€ 893,68€

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