Hi Hat Cymbals

MEINL DEEP HATS 18/18 Anika Nilles Hi-Hat Cymbal

"AC-DEEP" 18"/18" Artist Concept Model - Anika Nilles - Deep Hats SIGNATURE "What I really like about my Deep Hats is that they have so many music..

394,80€ 658,00€

SCHLAGWERK CHH12 12" Cajon Hi Hat

CHH12 CAJON HIHAT 12 "Thin upper cymbal - includes a thick lower cymbal: These are the ingredients that make you really funky with Schlagwerk Cajon Hi..

252,00€ 265,26€

MEINL B15BADAH BYZANCE Big Apple dark 15˝ Hi-Hat Cymbal

This hihat features a smaller bell and thinner top and bottom cymbals than the other Byzance Dark series hihats. This unique combination of features a..

406,74€ 508,42€

MEINL B14DAH BYZANCE Dark 14˝ Hi-Hat Cymbal

MEINL B14DAH Byzance Dark; Untreated finish. Esoteric, dark sound with a dirty, earthy open hihat and a short sustain and chick.Style: Pop, Fusion, Ja..

382,00€ 402,11€


HCS Bronze Soundwave hihats feature a waved bottom, which increases sizzling. Loud open hihat sound. Strong, warm character and a fat cutting chick.St..

124,00€ 130,53€

MEINL HCS14H 14˝ Hi-Hat Cymbal

Meinl HCS14H is a versatile hihat in medium weight. Warm, clean sound and an articulate open hihat. Timbre/Sound: Mid-BrightPitch: Low-MidVolume: Med..

80,09€ 84,30€

MEINL C13MH CLASSICS Medium 13˝ Hi-Hat Cymbal

Wide dynamic spectrum with a soft, warm sound. Unobtrusive and controlled open hihat sound with a crisp chick.Style: Rock, Pop, Fusion, Jazz, Funk, R&..

125,47€ 156,84€

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