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Do you need a PA system for a musical performance, a birthday party, a picnic, a wedding, an anniversary, or just for fun?

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The sound system or PA system amplifies the acoustic sound of the performer, be it a speaker or a musician. There is a wide selection of PA systems with a range of different components and functions. The sound system converts acoustic sound into an electronic signal, usually via microphone or line inputs. It processes and mixes signals, transmits sound through speakers, and gives a reference sound image to the performer through monitor speakers or headphones.

PA systems can be divided into three basic categories:

  • PA system for personal use,
  • medium size sound system and
  • large sound system.

Personal sound system consists of individual speakers or a series of mini speakers, which are both the main speakers and monitors. The medium-sized sound system consists of a pair of speakers standing on either side of the stage and simple monitor speakers. Large sound system or the complete PA system includes line arrays, separate subwoofers and a complex monitor system.

When it comes time to choose a PA system, it’s hard to know exactly what to look for and how to decide which features are most important. We will try to help you with small tips in deciding to buy a sound system that will be perfect for your needs.

You will need to answer a few key questions.

How strong and loud PA system do I need?

One of the first questions you need to ask yourself is how much power do you need. Consider how large your typical audience is and what kind of space you usually perform in. Power is provided by the final stage or the amplifier and its job is to amplify the signal produced by the mixing console and plays it through the speakers. Power is measured in watts. If you do not have enough power to supply sound for the place, you will get a distorted sound at higher volume. As a rule, the sound system of a louder music group in a medium-sized venue will have to provide at least 1,500 watts of power, while a smaller ensemble may require less than 750 watts to perform a softer style of music. An acoustic performer in a small space may only need 50 to 100 watts. Carefully consider your needs and keep in mind that if you’re likely to play in larger venues in the future, it might be wiser to consider investing in a better sound system right now.

How important is it that the PA system is as portable as possible?

Will you mostly be performing in the same room or do you need an extremely easy portable sound system? Traditional sound systems consist of several separate parts that are difficult to transport and can take a considerable amount of time to set up on stage. If you’re always on the go, you can consider a portable and compact sound system that has all the necessary components in one housing.

How much can your budget do?

There are a huge variety of sound systems available on the market, so you can easily spend thousands of dollars on a higher-power system with many features. But remember to consider your budget. For smaller groups and concerts, modular all-in-one sound systems can offer a great deal for their money and provide a clean and simple sound system, without the complications of operating a more complex system.

Do you need a battery-powered PA sytem or not?

When deciding whether you want a system with a built-in battery, consider your needs. If you organize events mostly indoors, where network sockets are available, you do not need a battery-powered sound system. One of the main advantages is that the sound system without the battery will be much easier to carry. If your events are mostly outdoors or in areas where outlets are not accessible, battery-powered sound systems are a great choice. Installation will be much faster and easier. If you're looking for a battery-powered sound system, you can't go wrong with the LD Systems Maui 5 Go system, which provides superior sound quality and a powerful battery for uninterrupted stand-alone use for more than 10 hours. It is a great system for live music performances, business presentations, mobile DJs, dance schools and similar occasions.

Do I know the basic working principles of the mixing desk?

No matter what kind of sound system you have in mind, it is essential that you also spend some time learning about the operation of mixing consoles. Before you buy, consider whether the mixer might not be too basic or too complicated for your needs. Mixers may look intimidating to you with all these buttons, sliders, and keys; but keep in mind that each part of the mixing desk has its own function and these functions can be crucial to achieve the best sound.

How important are the built-in effects to you?

Many mixing desks already have built-in effects that can meet your needs. However, if you want more additional options, you can consider purchasing external processing equipment and sound processing software with effects such as reverb, delay, and chorus to add more depth to your sound.

Don't forget about the column speakers!

Speakers in a column line arrays can be a bit misleading because they look so thin and unobtrusive and at first glance you wouldn’t think they have any power. However, these systems, such as e.g. LD Systems Maui 11 G2, using cutting-edge technology contain many features in its sleek and slim design. Don't be fooled by their appearance.

No matter what your sound system needs are, we are here to help you make your decision. For more information on sound systems, related equipment and accessories, contact us by email, phone or Live Chat and contact one of our experts today.

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A complete sound system that you can carry together with your instrument: introducing the MAUI 11 G2. The two column elements in the padded shoulder b..

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The Deck750 has a weight of just 32kg (200x100cm) and a load capacity of 750kg/m2. Making it one of the strongest and lightest decks in the industry. ..

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The PD4 series is a high-end speaker with 2 amplifiers for great performance. The low-frequency is powered by a class-D amplifier, while the high-freq..

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VIBZ 12 DC12 CHANNEL MIXING CONSOLE WITH DFX AND COMPRESSORThe VIBZ 12 is a versatile mixer with six balanced microphone inputs featuring high quality..

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Plug-and-play lithium ion battery for up to 12 hours continuous operation Practically unlimited power supply thanks to Quick-Swap Technology® Provid..

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ON STAGE SB1200 12˝ Speaker Bag ON STAGE SB1200 12˝ Speaker Bag

Ideally sized at 24.5" x 14.5" x 15" to fit most 12" speakers Durable hand straps with EVA padded handle for durable transport Reinforced undercarri..

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The PD4 series is a high-end speaker with 2 amplifiers for great performance. The low-frequency is powered by a class-D amplifier, while the high-freq..

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The DBR15 achieves best-in-class SPL of up to132dB and delivers the lowest frequency in its lineup. The DBR15 delivers outstanding performance for the..

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A 6 channel professional mixer with built-in USB player and BT receiver. Perfect for use on live stage setups, houses of worship or other multi-input ..

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The PD6 series is a series of high-quality professional speaker cabinets in a strong and durable plywood housing. Finished with a black painted rubber..

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The PD4 series is a high-end speaker with 2 amplifiers for great performance. The low-frequency is powered by a class-D amplifier, while the high-freq..

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A professional 15" 700W Portable Sound System featuring 2 UHF wireless microphones operating on different frequencies, remote control and integrated U..

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The MX700 is a comprehensive sound set designed for maximum performance and superior sound quality. The 12” subwoofer delivers 400W of basses and suit..

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Item No.: LDRBUD10HBH26..

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An easy to use and affordable table top design music mixer. With Hi, Mid and Low control for each channel. Individually controllable phantom power per..

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A professional 12" 600W Portable speaker with remote control, an integrated USB port and SD slot for playing MP3 files. This "all in one" system is eq..

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The patented CURV 500® AV Set is the perfect fit anywhere music is played: in bars, clubs, studios and even at home as a home entertainment system. Fe..

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Item No.: AR16C..

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This 5-channel mixer holds a 2x 500W amplifier. Giving the user a complete unit as base for this setup. With 4 microphone and line inputs it's ideal f..

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A 15" PA box in a strong ABS cabinet featuring BT-technology, an MP3 player, a high quality 800W mixer/amplifier, an extremely powerful mid-low woofer..

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