Splash Cymbals

K Custom Hybrid Cymbals were designed with one of Japan's top drummers, Akira Jimbo. These cymbals combine darkness and brilliance with a brilliant-in..

232,00€ 244,21€

Lowest price last 30 days: 232,00€

Quick and bright, S Family splashes offer a cutting tone color that compliments any cymbal setup. Also works great as part of a mini stacker cymbal.We..

104,00€ 109,47€

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MEINL HCSB10S Splash Cymbal

HCS Bronze splashes have a crisp, glassy sound with an immediate response and a short decay. Bright and cutting for fast accents.Style: Rock, PopTimbr..

53,98€ 56,82€

Lowest price last 30 days: 53,98€
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