Splash Cymbals

MEINL B10EDS BYZANCE Exstra Dry 10˝ Splash Cymbal

An especially crisp sound that has a wide spectrum ranging from low to high frequencies. Very musical splash with an unusual appearance in sound and l..

122,01€ 128,43€

MEINL B6S BYZANCE Traditional 6˝ Splash Cymbal

Highly polished finish, brilliant and bright sound with fast response.Timbre/Sound: Mid-BrightCharacter: Brilliant, RichPitch: High-MidVolume: MediumS..

73,60€ 92,00€

MEINL HCS12S 12˝ Splash Cymbal

Meinl splash 12" is a immediate, cutting bright response. Perfect for fast accents.Timbre/Sound: Mid-BrightPitch: Low-MidVolume: Medium to LowSustain:..

32,21€ 33,90€

Top Seller
MEINL HCS10S 10˝ Splash Cymbal MEINL HCS10S 10˝ Splash Cymbal

Mein HCS 10S in has a immediate, cutting bright response. Perfect for fast accents.HCS series is begginer intermediate cymbal series, with a great val..

21,09€ 22,20€

HCS Bronze bells are available in three different pitches: low, medium, and high. Each model features a very long sustain with a dry, pingy, brilliant..

43,99€ 46,31€

5-9 Days
SABIAN 41606X B8X 16˝ THIN Crash Cymbal

Fast, punchy, bright and loud attack makes this a cutting crash.Item No.: 00011426..

100,97€ 106,28€

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