Distortion / Overdrive

The MXR design team has collaborated with Eddie Van Halen to deliver a full range of powerful saturation and hyper-driven tones right at your feet. Th..

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Go from Blues-Breaker to Blues-Sky Rocket! The Morning Star lights up all of the classic aspects of a great blues breaker pedal, but we added somethi..

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The unbelievably simple user-interface comes from our complex Dual FET Circuit Design, but don't worry about what's under the hood. Just enjoy the 1 S..

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MXR® SUPER BADASS® VARIAC FUZZM236The Super Badass Variac Fuzz is aggressive, biting, and highly versatile, featuring a Variac control to change the p..

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The Fuzz Face® Mini pedal line features legendary Fuzz Face tones in smaller, more pedalboard-friendly housings with several modern appointments: a br..

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NUX NOD-2 TUBE MAN MKII Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal NUX NOD-2 TUBE MAN MKII Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal

Tube man is a smooth overdrive pedal which has brilliant midrange character, it allows your tone cutting edge while retaining guitars natural sonic qu..

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NUX NGS-6 AMP ACADEMY Guitar Effect Pedal

Nowadays the Amp-less approach is quickly becoming a trend for modern musicians—like guitarists who appreciate a variety of pedals and amps, but don’t..

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Hendrix was the master of fuzz, an artist with many subtle shadings at his command. His love affair with the legendary Fuzz Face pedal began in the ea..

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The Waza Craft line BOSS SD-1W Super Overdrive hot rods this classic booster pedal without losing its timeless character. For starters, the mater peda..

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WAY HUGE® SMALLS™ SUPA-LEAD WM31 The Supa-Lead Overdrive is designed to get amp-like crunch tones from a clean or slightly dirty amp, producing a fo..

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MXR M104 DISTORTION PLUS Guitar Effect Pedal MXR M104 DISTORTION PLUS Guitar Effect Pedal

This little yellow box is responsible for those great distortion sounds heard on so many classic recordings. Set the Distortion control low and crank ..

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The MXR Custom Badass '78 Distortion roars with huge amp stack tones and old-school distortion. MXR took a classic distortion circuit and hot-rodded i..

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Based on a rare and elusive circuit, the MXR Sugar Drive Pedal provides a diverse range of clear and transparent overdrive tones, from sauced up boost..

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Custom Badass™ Modified O.D. Info Next up in the MXR Custom Badass line is the Modified Overdrive—a classic overdrive circuit with modern modificatio..

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Silicon Fuzz Face® Mini Distortion. Silicon transistors spec’d from a 1970 Fuzz Face pedal. Legendary Fuzz Face tones in a pedalboard-friendly housing..

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MXR TBM1 Tom Morello Power 50 Overdrive; For more than 30 years, the key component of Tom Morello’s raw, hard-hitting sonic voice has been his amp set..

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MXR BFG07 BILLY GIBBONS Octavio Guitar Effect Pedal

This pedal’s searing circuit is based on the Jimi Hendrix™ Octavio® Fuzz, updated for the Reverend Billy F. Gibbons with a 7-band EQ for tone sculptin..

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MXR M195 NOISE CLAMP Guitar Effect Pedal MXR M195 NOISE CLAMP Guitar Effect Pedal

MXR® NOISE CLAMPM195The Noise Clamp eliminates hiss & excess noise from your effects chain with a single threshold Trigger knob while maintaining riff..

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ACE of TONE is a dual overdrive pedal stacked with Tubeman MKII and Morning Star. Why? Because great guitarists love 2 overdrives to stack their tone...

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Item No.: WHE900..

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Designed by the award-winning MXR® Custom Badass™ team, the Super Badass Distortion puts decades of 100% analog distortion at your feet. With its high..

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MXR M251 FOD Drive Guitar Effect Pedal

The MXR FOD Drive supplies the overdriven power of two highly coveted amp stacks in a single housing. Pros and tonechasers have been combining amplifi..

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Boss FZ1W; Fuzz was the first type of distortion pedal, and the retro sound of vintage units from the 1960s remains coveted by guitarists to this day...

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BOSS JB-2 ANGRY DRIVER Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of BOSS compact pedals, BOSS and JHS Pedals have come together in a historic creative collaboration between the two ..

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Now in a Way Huge Smalls housing, the Russian-Pickle Fuzz MkIII dishes out smooth, creamy fuzz tones in a much more pedalboard-friendly package. Now ..

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Distortion III Info The Distortion III sets a new benchmark in distortion tone and quality. Developed from the ground up using carefully selected com..

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Two legendary and timeless icons of rock music—Slash and MXR Innovations—have teamed up to deliver the Slash Octave Fuzz. It features a searing Fuzz t..

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Fender Santa Ana Overdrive helped generate the classic guitar tones that inspired players to create new music, and now with the Santa Ana Overdrive, b..

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