Snare Stands

TAMA HS800W Snare Stand

Item No.: 00011325..

124,99€ 131,57€

MAPEX S800 Armory Snare Stand MAPEX S800 Armory Snare Stand

Armory is a complete line of gig-quality hardware featuring heavy-duty tubes, double-braced legs, memory locks, and the adjustability needed by the se..

83,37€ 92,63€

MAPEX MCYAC2 Cymbal Accetuator 2pcs Drum Hardware Pack

MAPEX MCYAC2 - pack of 2 accentuators for cymbal stand.Color: BlackItem No.: 7800512..


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MAPEX S200-TND Tornado Snare Stand

MAPEX S200; Rebel hardware features light duty construction for ease of use and portability. Engineered to feature double braced legs with Mapex mirro..

33,25€ 35,00€

MAPEX S600 Mars Snare Stand

The Mapex S600 Mars Snare Drum Stand is lightweight so it's easy to cart around from gig to gig, but it's still strong enough to hold big rides and ha..

61,75€ 65,00€

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