Pickups for Acoustic Guitars

The DS-2 Duo Source system uses, as its name implies, two different types of transducers to pick up the sound of the guitar. These are the high qualit..

149,00€ 156,84€

FISHMAN AGX-094 Narrow Acoustic Guitar Pickup FISHMAN AGX-094 Narrow Acoustic Guitar Pickup

Fishman's piezo crystal passive undersaddle guitar pickup Available in a variety of widths and string spacings for steel and nylon stringed guitars..

95,05€ 135,79€

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IK MULTIMEDIA iRIG Acoustic Stage Acoustic Guitar Pickup IK MULTIMEDIA iRIG Acoustic Stage Acoustic Guitar Pickup

Acoustic players — Now there’s finally an affordable, mobile Acoustic playing and recording system with professional sound made just for you! Inspired..

84,00€ 88,42€

LR BAGGS IBAS Element Active Acoustic Guitar Pickup

The iBeam’s MIPA award-winning design employs a matched pair of virtually weightless film sensors that flex with the soundboard to trace your guitar’s..

169,00€ 177,89€

FIRESTONE UNIVERSAL AP-2 Acoustic Guitar Pickup

Gewa Fire Stone pick-up for acoustic instruments.Specifications: Maple wood casing to glue onLength: Cable 2,40 m, mini jack plug on mono jack plugWid..

45,41€ 47,80€

Piezo pickup for wedging into the wing slotControls: volume controlSpecifications: soft cork pads to protect the instrumentSpecifications II: Simple i..

85,41€ 89,90€


Schaller feet for double bass Pick UP.Hardware Finish: ChromeItem No.: SC900148001..


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