Children Percussion Packs

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FLIGHT FPS-10 Percussion Set FLIGHT FPS-10 Percussion Set

Percussion kit FLIGHT FPS-10 consists of 10 percussion, colorful style! The set is packed in a colorful bag and will be a great gift for those who e..

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Item No.: FPS17..

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ROCKERS JBJ1049A Junior 5-16 Black Junior Drumset

A beginner kids set that includes everything kids need to introduce them to the wonderful world of drums. The set consists of 5 elements, chair, cymba..

255,00€ 268,42€

FLIGHT FPS-6V Percussion Set FLIGHT FPS-6V Percussion Set

FLIGHT FPS-6 percussion instruments are made of environmentally friendly materials and contain 6 percussion instruments arranged in a colorful style: ..

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FLIGHT FPS-6 Percussion Set

FLIGHT FPS-6 Percussion set 6; A percussion set is a set of percussion musical instruments that are not classical, as a rule, these are ethnic percuss..


FLIGHT FPS-3Y Percussion Set FLIGHT FPS-3Y Percussion Set

Percussion setFLIGHT FPS-3Y percussion instruments are made of environmentally friendly materials and consist of 3 parts of a pair of colorful wooden ..

15,20€ 19,00€

Chroma-Notes™ colors make it easy to play color-coded songs in our songbooks or created with our Chroma-Notes™ Composer software. Item No.: 7700647..

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Expansion for the diatonic scale set C-D#-F#-G-A# Item No.: 7700656..

37,05€ 39,00€

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