Orff and Children Instruments

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BOOMWHACKERS BW-MP Move & Play Kids Percussion BOOMWHACKERS BW-MP Move & Play Kids Percussion

Item No.: 7700697..

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SONOR NG 31; Orff instruments have been an integral part of Sonor's product range since 1953. Since then, they have been an indispensable part of earl..

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FLIGHT FES-40 Shaker Plastic Egg FLIGHT FES-40 Shaker Plastic Egg

FLIGHT FES-40; An egg shaker is a hand percussion instrument, in the idiophone category, that makes a noise when shaken. Functionally it is similar to..


Sonor Global Beat Series, MA GB Alt Metallophone, tonal range c1-a2, C-major scale with f-sharp1, b-flat1 and f-sharp2, 16 bars, metal bars 35 x 5 mm,..

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SONOR KS 40 PO 1 Resonator

The difference between the metallophone KS 40 L and xylophone KS 40 PO chime bars is their tone duration and tone colour. The KS 40 L sound long and w..

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SONOR TAG 25 Tenor Chromatic Glockenspiel

The Sonor TAG25 Glockenspiel is a 25 note glockenspiel that produces a brilliant sound and is ideal for educational purposes, but also for general use..

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The xylophone is of ancient origin - a simple instrument used in Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America. It is first traced in Europe from the begin..

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BOOMWHACKERS BW-JG Diatonic C Bass Set Kids Percussion

Bass set Expands the diatonic scale set to one octave lower 7 Tubes Notes C - B Item No.: 7700655..

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Xylophone - a percussion instrument of ancient origin and used in Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America. In Europe, the first mentions of the xylop..

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Metalofon - is a kind of xylophone. This is a series of metal panels that we hit with sticks! The instrument can be used both solo or in ensemble. Th..

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Alto metallophone AMP1.1 Primary Line Sonor, Diatonic: C-Dur scale, Range: c1 - a2 with additional plates fis1, b1, fis2, 16 plates of light metal 35 ..

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SONOR SMP 1.1 DE, metalofon sopranoColor: sound bar color silverSpecifications: with 1 chamber made of birch plywood,FSC™ certifiedSpecifications II: ..

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The Sonor SX-GB Global Beat Soprano Xylophone has 16 sucupira bars with the dimensions of 35mm length x 18mm width each to make up a soprano style xyl..

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SONOR NG 11 ; C-major scale with f-sharp and b-flat bars, Single-row, 16 Specially alloyed red steel bars: , Includes 1 pair of wooden mallets. Orff i..

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Soprano bells SGP Primary Line Sonor, Diatonic: C-Dur scale; Range: c3 - a4 with additional plates fis3, b3 and fis4, 16 silver plates 20 x 3mm made o..

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Item No.: 7700661..

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BOOMWHACKERS Chroma Note Resonator Bells Kids Percussion

Share the same color template as the Boomwhackers! Line the bells up to play solo, or separate them for use with small groups. A carrying case and mal..

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BOOMWHACKERS BW-DG C Diatonic C Maj Set Kids Percussion

C'-D#'-F'-G#'-A#'Specifications: C'-D#'-F'-G#'-A#'Item No.: 7700654..

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Table Tubes TRS210 offer a great variety of sounds. The position of the hanging tubes within the vibration-friendly frame is freely adjustable. This a..

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BOOMWHACKERS BW-CG Chromatic Set Kids Percussion

C'-D#'-F'-G#'-A#'Item No.: 7700653..

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MAPEX MPK32PC Bell Kit Kids Percussion

Backpack Percussion Kit, 2.5 octave 32-note keyboard (F5-C8) with Silver Sparkle front rail, 1" wide tone bars, removable music rack, Innovative Percu..

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SONOR GS Glockenspiel SONOR GS Glockenspiel

The Sonor GS Kids Glockenspiel is a GS Glockenspiel soprano with a Toy Sound range, With instructions and song examples, Range C3 - F4, C Major scale...

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Features:   Hand bells 8 bells Composition: metal, plastic A set of eight color bells, each tuned to a specific note.   C D E F Mr A B C..

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SONOR KS 40 PO C1 Resonator

The difference between the metallophone KS 40 L and xylophone KS 40 PO chime bars is their tone duration and tone colour. The KS 40 L sound long and w..

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BOOMWHACKERS BW27CP 27 Tube Classroom Set Kids Percussion

Boomwhackers are unique percussion instruments that are tuned to certain tones - thanks to the different length and thickness, each piece of Boomwhack..

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Sonor KS40 L Resonator D1 Tenor-Alt MetalSpecifications: Tone D1Specifications II: MetallophoneSpecifications III: Grouping: Tenor-AltoFeatures: Funda..

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BOOMWHACKERS BW-EG Chromatic Soprano Set Kids Percussion

C#”, D”, D#”, E”, F”, F#”, and G”.Item No.: 7700657..

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FLIGHT FAB-5 Ankle Bells FLIGHT FAB-5 Ankle Bells

FLIGHT FAB-5 - MULTIPLE ANKLE BELL Bells or beads can be used for rhythmic accompaniment in dances and games and to learn and develop the use of rhyt..


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