Accordion Accessories

HOHNER AZ53001 S-STYLE No.53 Accordion Straps

HOHNER AZ53001 is leather accordion strap suitable for 96 or 120 bass instruments. Easy to attach to the instrument, allows optimum fitting of the ins..

80,00€ 84,21€

HOHNER AZ5730 120B Accordion Bag

The outer skin of your gig bag is made of tear proof Cordura® and features multiple seams. It’s cushioned and stiffened so that your instrument can wi..

111,00€ 116,84€

HOHNER AZ5711 BRAVO L (72 B) Accordion Bag

HOHNER AZ5711, piano accordion bag, lined for storing and carrying the instrument, with extra space for books and accessories.Specifications: For 72 b..

99,00€ 104,21€

GEWA NEOTECH 120B Accordion Straps

Fits most accordions with 120 bases, Comfortable memory foam backed with webbing for added support comprises the shoulder pads, Shoulder pads wick awa..

85,41€ 89,90€

HOHNER AZ5100 72B - 120B BLK Accordion Straps

Item No.: AZ5100..

46,55€ 49,00€

Hohner AZ5000 48B, accordion belts 48B, suitable for Hohner piano accordion models such as Bravo II 48, Amica II 48, Student 48. Hohner AZ5000 belts a..

42,74€ 44,99€

HOHNER AZ7100 Back Dtrap BLK Accordion Straps

HOHNER AZ7100 back strap for accordion.Color: BlackSpecifications: LongItem No.: AZ7100..


GEWA VARIO BACK CROSS Blk Accordion Straps

Vario Adjustable on both sides, Can be easily opened in the middle by the plug Color: BlackSpecifications: LeatherSpecifications II: Adjustable on ..

20,90€ 22,00€


Warnke With hooks and press buttons, Leather Color: BlackSpecifications: With hooks and press buttonsSpecifications II: LeatherItem No.: 766100..


HOHNER AZ7000 Back Strap Accordion Straps

Hohner AZ7000 accordion strap, back strap shorterColor: BrownItem No.: AZ7000..


MELODIJA Accordion Button Prim Screw Felt

Item No.: 1264..



Item No.: 9203..


5-9 Days -22%
GEWA 258100 (48 B) Accordion Bag

Gewa Accordion Gig Bags Prestige SPS® 48 Basses. Fibreglass insert worked in all around to protect the instruments. The instrument is to take out easi..

83,99€ 107,09€

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