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ON STAGE DSW1420 20/14" Snare Wire ON STAGE DSW1420 20/14" Snare Wire

20-strand steel wires feature identical medium-gauge (0.6mm) coils and chrome-plated end clips Easy to mount Two mounting strips included Versatile..


NUX DA-30BT is designed for portable electronic drum monitoring with bluetooth.The speaker responses to the drum’s frequency very well, also low frequ..

140,00€ 147,37€

HP75 SPLIT HAND EXTENSION PLATE FOR HECK STICKThis effective extension to the Heckstick enables a larger playing surface for the hands. Ideal for spli..

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VIC FIRTH SIH2 Drum Headphones

We have gone back to the drawing board to make one of our most popular hearing protection products, the Stereo Isolation Headphones even better. The ..

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DT-20 utilizes infrared rays to detect the vibration of the drumhead. It is precise and fast even on dark stages or in noisy clubs. Quickly tune your ..

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Meinl MDH Drum Honey, damper gel pads, pack of 6, orange, including box, dampens overtone of drum kits, self adhesive, and washable.Features: pack of ..


The Planet Waves Pacato hearing protection is a reusable, universal sized audio filter designed specifically for musicians and music enthusiasts. Whil..

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ALPINE PARTY PLUG Pro Hearing Protection

With hearing protection, you can enjoy music without having to worry. Both live and in the pub. That irritating ring after a night on the town is a th..

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DADDARIO Puresound B1420   20/14'' Snare Wire DADDARIO Puresound B1420   20/14'' Snare Wire

Designed for 14" snare Premium-grade steel-alloy wires developed for high volume, high intensity drumming Exclusive bent end clips offer increased s..

27,00€ 28,42€


The 14" 16-strand Slingerland Radio King PureSound Vintage wires are designed specifically to accommodate the unique snare mounting system. Both end p..

46,55€ 49,00€

ALPINE MOTOSAFE Pro Hearing Protection

Item No.: 120568..

28,41€ 29,90€

6x4' version, same features as DMA4450.The DMA6450 prevents bass drums from ‘creeping’ across the floor. It is a lightweight and convenient alternativ..

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EVANS EQ-PAD Bass Drum Damper

Evans EQ pad is a highly efficient bass drum muffler that attaches to the bottom of the bass drum shell with Velcro. The hinged pad bounces off the he..

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Built from high-grade carpet, the Nux Drum Rug is sturdy enough to take whatever punishment you choose to dish out. And thanks to its non-skid rubber ..

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EVANS EQPB2 Double Pedal Patch

Evans™ EQPB2 is a black non-slip flexible nylon bass drum patch for double-pedals, which increases attack and strengthen the head without affecting so..


Vic Firth drum mutes are made of non-slip pure rubber for realistic action. Made from non-slip pure rubber, these versatile pads can be used as drum m..

80,28€ 84,50€

DADDARIO Puresound T1420 Twisted Double Strand 20/14˝ Snare Wire

Designed for snare drums, the Twisted Series snare wires feature strands of premium grade steel-alloy wire coiled together in pairs. These snares equa..

38,95€ 41,00€

ALPINE PARTY PLUG Trans Hearing Protection

Item No.: 1015690..


Wearing FlyFit earplugs during flying regulates troublesome pressure on the eardrums during takeoff and landing. The filters operate like valves and e..


Conversations can still be heard Perfect fit because of soft AlpineThermoShape™ material No silicone Alpine Miniboxx to take your earplugs anywhere..


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DADDARIO Puresound S1430 Super 30/14" Snare Wire DADDARIO Puresound S1430 Super 30/14" Snare Wire

Designed for snare drums, the Super 30 Series snare wires feature strands of medium-gauge wire, allowing for penetrating snare presence. Designed f..

35,00€ 36,84€

EVANS SO-14 Sound Off Damper Drum Mute

Evans SO-14 14" SoundOff Tom Mute   14" SoundOff Tom MuteSoundOff drum mutes are the most popular line of volume control products available. The m..


Alpine SleepSoft earplugs have an average damping (SNR) of 25 dB. This means that disturbing environmental noises are muffled. However, you will still..


Have an even more relaxed motorcycle ride! With the Alpine MotoSafe Race earplugs you don’t have a ring or buzz in your ears after a long ride. They a..


The Vic Firth Stick Caddy is a durable as it is functional! Features a solid steel tube with a rubber insert to protect your tips. This fully adjustab..

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MutePP5 Includes 10”, 12”, 14”(2), 20”, hi-hat and cymbal (2)Item No.: MUTEPP5..

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DADDARIO Puresound CPB1424 Custom Pro 24/14" Snare Wire

Designed for snare drums, the PureSound Custom Pro series snare wire features strands of medium-gauge wire, allowing for the snare wire to be dominant..

26,89€ 28,30€


When you visit a concert or festival, you want to be able to enjoy the music without suffering hearing loss. Alpine PartyPlug earplugs are designed sp..


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