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Item No.: 099-2243-000..

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FENDER ATOMIC HB Neck White Humbucker Pickup

Fender Atomic humbucker neck 099-2125-000Specifications II: Resistance : 16.4K InductanceSpecifications III: Inductance : 8.5Features: Alnico 5 Resona..

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CHERUB WCP-60V Violin Pickup CHERUB WCP-60V Violin Pickup

Reproduces the natural sound of a violin to an amp or PA set up. Clips into the "F" hole. No battery needed. Specifications: Cord: 1.5 m, 6.35 mm p..


Allows tuning of acoustic instruments via vibration transmission Designed for the direct picking up at the instrument Allows tuning in noisy environ..


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CHERUB WCP-60G Acoustic Guitar Pickup CHERUB WCP-60G Acoustic Guitar Pickup

The Cherub WCP-60G clips on quickly and easily to the sound hole of your acoustic, and is able to pick up the original tone of your guitar regardless ..


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