The Jupiter Waveline JFL700WD Prodigy model flute has assisted key cups that helps the student with smaller hands play more comfortably. The JFL700WD ..

633,00€ 666,32€

JUPITER JHR 1150L French Horn

Bore .472 (12mm) Bell custom process Yellow Brass 11.9" (302mm) Precision tapered uniformed rose brass mouthpipe Nickel plated valve casing Mechan..

2.524,63€ 3.155,79€

JUPITER JCL1100S Clarinet Bb

The JCL1100S features a left hand Eb key for assistance in technical passages, an ergonomic register key, adjustable ergonomic thumb rest, a ringless ..

917,90€ 1.147,37€

JUPITER JEP 1020 Euphonium

Bore14.5mm Bell 280mm Valves 4 Stainless Steel (3 up 1 side) Body lacquered brass with neck trim Removable valve section for easy repair or cleani..

1.766,74€ 2.208,42€

JUPITER JBC1000S Bass Clarinet

The Jupiter JBC1000S Bass Clarinet is at home in a school's band, orchestra, jazz ensemble, or a recording studio. The Jupiter JBC1000S Bass Clarinet ..

1.994,05€ 2.099,00€

JUPITER JHR 752L French Horn

The Jupiter 752L is a single horn in F with a rose brass leadpipe, mechanical link tapered rotary valves and nickel-sleeved outer tuning slides. It ha..

1.514,10€ 1.892,63€

Jupiter JCL750SQ with Grenadilla Wood Body allows the player a full bodied, mellow tonal quality rich with vibrant overtones. Metal Tenons are designe..

854,05€ 899,00€

JUPITER JSS1000Q Soprano Saxophone

A popular choice in schools, this soprano saxophone has some very professional features such as power forged brass key work, auxiliary high F# key, ad..

1.385,95€ 1.630,53€

JUPITER JTS-787GL III Tenor Saxophone

New model for June 2014 - mark III Bb Tenor Saxophone Body yellow brass High F# key Gold lacquer finish Adjustable thumb hook Heavier bracing/bu..

1.479,00€ 1.556,84€

The flute is designed with features to give children the very best possible start. The engraved markings on the 'Wave-Line' headjoint and barrel of th..

635,00€ 668,42€

JUPITER JPC1100E Piccolo Flute

The Jupiter JPC1100E piccolo is a beautiful grenadilla wood instrument with a grenadilla wood hand-cut headjoint and silver-plated nickel silver keywo..

1.249,00€ 1.314,74€

The Jupiter JFL700REC is an intermediate instrument designed to accommodate the needs of the motivated, advancing student. It features open holes, a s..

519,00€ 546,32€


Jupiter JCR700RQ horn is characterized by a warm and expressive sound, a great accuracy and a fluid emission. These assets make it a superb instrument..

420,21€ 525,26€

JUPITER JAS701Q Alto Saxophone

The Jupiter JAS701 alto saxophone is a beginner instrument with advanced features. It is built to withstand the rigors of student ownership, and has a..

849,11€ 998,95€

The JFL700WRXE Waveline™ Flute is yet another innovative JUPITER instrument designed to introduce even more people to the joys of active music making...

849,00€ 893,68€

JUPITER JAS-767GL III Alto Saxophone

The Jupiter JAS700 alto saxophone is a beginner instrument with advanced features. It is built to withstand the rigors of student ownership, and has a..

755,16€ 888,42€

JUPITER JTR500Q Trumpet Bb

The Jupiter JTR500 standard Bb Trumpet has a lacquered brass body with stainless steel pistons. This free blowing, well-balanced instrument is designe..

407,00€ 428,42€

The Jupiter JAS500 alto saxophone is a beginner instrument with proved quality. It comes with a mouthpiece, ligature and is keyed to high F#.Finish Bo..

749,00€ 788,42€

JUPITER JTB 710RQ Trombone

  Bore 12.7mm Bell 203mm Body lacquered brass Slide nickel silver inner and outer Pistol hand grip Adjustable Thumb positioning Curved design..

577,11€ 678,95€


Bell Material: Yellow BrassValve Material: Stainless SteelLeadpipe Material: Gold BrassFinish: Gold Lacquered Item No.: 7700182..

598,99€ 630,52€

Specially designed for younger children, this lightweight flute is played in exactly the same way as a standard student flute, but it has some clever ..

534,99€ 563,15€

The Jupiter JCL700S is a student model clarinet, perfect for the beginner or the advancing student. It features a 14.80mm bore, ABS resin matte finish..

490,00€ 515,79€


High quality C student flute with offset G mechanism, precious metal riser and case. This Jupiter student flute is part of the popular Music in Style..

474,05€ 499,00€


Item No.: 7700318..

458,99€ 483,15€

The Waveline Flute Extension Kit provides a regular headjoint with a solid silver riser and makes the package complete with a french-style case and co..

204,00€ 214,74€


These test mouthpieces for wind instruments offer "the smallest instrument carousel in the world", and are developed on traditional instrument making ..

19,90€ 20,95€


The Jupiter JRS700 Saxonett/Chalumeau Set is a single-reed woodwind instrument of the late baroque and early classical eras of music history. A predec..

94,00€ 98,95€

JUPITER JE51-A2001 Waveline Flute Cleaning Swab

Color: WhiteItem No.: 7700247..


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