Crash Cymbals

"A 16"" crash is a must-have for any setup because it is such a versatile size -- small enough to be fast and bright, but big enough to project and be..

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Item No.: ILH18C..

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SCHLAGWERK CCR14 CrashRide 14˝ Cajon Cymbal

CCR14 CAJON CRASHRIDE 14', The 14" Cajon CrashRide is an absolute all-rounder when it comes to percussion cymbals. Playing by hand gives the Cajon Cra..

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The K Constantinople Crashes feature a newer style hammering technique, an additional pin lathe on the top and bottom, and a vintage-style cup for the..

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Session Crashes were designed by Steve Gadd and modeled after his favorite crash sound. These crashes are built to be controlled and custom-made for u..

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The dark and full-bodied K Custom Dark Crash utilizes a special over-hammering technique that allows for a quick and bright attack with an extra fast ..

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18" A Custom Crash; Natural, bright, not too high, not too low. Speaks very quickly. Beautiful warm undertones.Timbre/Sound: BrightCharacter: Bright, ..

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ZILDJIAN A20584 A Custom 18" Crash Cymbal

Answering the demand to add cymbals that were more aggressive, but still had that special A Custom sound, we answered that call with this Projection C..

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A Zildjian Medium Thin Crashes are one of the most popular Zildjian crash cymbal lines. These cymbals embody the "Zildjian crash cymbal sound". Bright..

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ZILDJIAN I FAMILY 18" Crash-Ride Cymbal

"This incredibly versatile cymbal delivers a great ride sound with good stick definition, while still being small and thin enough to maintain excellen..

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True to their name, the Fast Crashes deliver a strong initial crash attack, then immediately drop out of the mix with a fast, smooth decay. These cras..

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This 16"" crash delivers a brilliant and cutting accent. It's the perfect add on to a Planet Z Fundamentals Pack. Your journey of musical expression ..

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MEINL B18TRC BYZANCE Vintage 18˝ Trash Crash Cymbal

The different sizes and shapes of the cut-outs gives the cymbal a unique look and a wide spread and a trashy, noisy sound. Recommended for quick accen..

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Offering the most versatility of all S Family crashes, the medium thin weight is a perfect match when lighter touches and louder hits are necessary. F..

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A Zildjian Medium Crashes are bright, medium-weight crashes suited for many playing situations. They deliver bold, full-bodied crashes with more cut a..

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MEINL PAC18TRC PURE ALLOY Custom 18˝ Trash Crash Cymbal

MEINL PAC18TRC; Featuring a custom smoked-bronze top and brilliant bottom, the Pure Alloy Custom Trash Crash features a medium thin weight in combinat..

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Taking its name from Ilham, the Turkish word for inspiration, the I Family is a collection of expressive sounds designed to bring your playing to the ..

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MEINL HCS16C 16" Crash Cymbal MEINL HCS16C 16" Crash Cymbal

Meinl HCS16C has a lot to offer - This crash is a standard sized main crash cymbal that can be used at the end of fills, for crash-riding to lift your..

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MEINL HCSB16C Bronze 16" Crash Cymbal

Meinl HCS Bronze crashes have a wide frequency spectrum with a warm sound. Strong, immediate attack and a medium sustain.Style: Rock, PopTimbre/Sound:..

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SABIAN 21800XB 18 AAX OZONE 18'' Crash Cymbal

Item No.: 21800XB..

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