VESTON MS002 Microphone Stand

Veston MS002, microphone stand.Color: BlackDiameter: 20mmLength: 1300mm-1900mmWidth: 620mmItem No.: MS002..

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ON STAGE SM7212B Music Stand ON STAGE SM7212B Music Stand

All-steel; midpoint clutch; 2 shaft system. 34 cm x 48.3 cm bookplate w/ 5 cm return lip and tilting feature. Black finish.This revolutionary stand in..

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VESTON MS004 Microphone Stand VESTON MS004 Microphone Stand

VESTON MS004, professional microphone stand, with microphone holder, can be used on stage, rehearsals or in the recording studio. The solid frame prov..

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ON STAGE TCM1900 Tablet Holder ON STAGE TCM1900 Tablet Holder

  There are holders, and then there’s the Grip-On™ Mounting System from On-Stage®! It’s the fast and easy way to mount your mobile device to everyd..

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Take some of the pressure off of setting up your PA with the Hercules Gear Up Speaker Stand SS710B. This intelligently designed tripod-style stand fea..

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The HERCULES Low Profile Mic Stand MS120B with telescoping boom is ideal for drum and amplifier applications. The weighted Hercules H-Base provides ex..

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HERCULES DG107B Mic & Camera Arm

The Hercules DG107B universal podcast mic & camera arm stand is the perfect podcasting stand for your home or studio. TightVice locking mechanism ensu..

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Steel midpoint locking clutch. Height adj: 32-61.5”; base spread: 23”.An extremely stable stand! Like the MS7701B, this tripod base stand also feature..

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The Hercules Tripod Base Hideaway Boom Stand MS531B is truly able to handle any miking situation you may face. It features the unique and convenient H..

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ON STAGE SSP7850 Set (2) Speaker Stand with Bag ON STAGE SSP7850 Set (2) Speaker Stand with Bag

This Speaker Stand Pak includes two height adjustable steel speaker stands, two external mounting brackets and one convenient carry bag that holds all..

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HERCULES LS700B Light Stand HERCULES LS700B Light Stand

The HERCULES Gear Up Lighting Stand LS700B features the Quick-N-EZ Gear Up System, a square T-bar with clip for easy mounting, and dual-braced tripod ..

241,58€ 268,42€

Reversible 1-3/8" - 1-1/2 upper shaft and locking safety pin. Tripod folding legs, non-slip rubber feet.  OSS tripod-style speaker stands offer light..

46,00€ 48,42€

Transport your mic and speaker stands to the show with the Hercules Carry Bag MSB001. This tough nylon bag protects your stands from the dings and dus..

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Pro-level Platinum Series stands feature heavier diecast leg housings, thicker tubing and premium threads. A new ergonomic center clutch grip, coupled..

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HERCULES MS432B Microphone Stand

Set the stage for greatness with the Hercules MS432B Stage Series mic stand. The intuitively designed, two-in-one boom clamp lets you fine-tune both b..

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The Hercules EZ Grip "H" Base Mic Stand is a straightforward mic stand with high-end features you might not expect to find in stands of its price rang..

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Hercules MS533B is a great multi puropse stand, which is really easy to use. It comes with classic Hercules yellow and black color, with sturdy constr..

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ON STAGE SM7222B Music Stand with Bag ON STAGE SM7222B Music Stand with Bag

Adjustable bookplate, telescoping 3-section vertical shaft, 20-52". Black finish. The strength and stability of a tubular tripod base with th..

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ON STAGE LS-MS7620 Lighting/Mic Microphone Stand

Our multipurpose LS-MS7620 Lighting/Mic Stand mounts lighting, photography accessories, and mics. The included spigot and adapter combine to provide 1..

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HERCULES SS400B Speaker Stand HERCULES SS400B Speaker Stand

Designed for musicians on the go, the Hercules Autolock Speaker Stand will keep your speakers safe and secure as you perform. Able to extend to 82.7 i..

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ON STAGE SS7914B Wall Mount Speaker Bracket

OSS wall mount speaker brackets are designed for sound contractors, studios, multi-media rooms, schools, etc. The SS7914 is a sturdy fixed mount, the ..

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IK MULTIMEDIA iKLIP A/V Smartphone Holder

IK Multimedia invented the live tablet support in 2011, changing the way musicians were carrying their mobile devices on stage. After years of refinem..

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Set your speakers straight! All speaker/speaker stand connections have some degree of wobble. Our patent pending speaker adapter provides an effective..

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The HERCULES Tripod Base Boom Mic Stand MS631B features the EZ Mic Clip, the EZ Boom Retainer, and the Quik-N-EZ Height Adjustment Grip.Specifications..

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ON STAGE LS7720BLT Light Stand

This classic stand allows for maximum height adjustments and will support up to 8 par cans. The stand telescpoes with friction adjustment knobs and lo..

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ON STAGE LED510EU Orchestra Light ON STAGE LED510EU Orchestra Light

The ideal stage light for the performing musician! Clip-On LED Light features 10 LED lights, which provides a wide area of coverage and illuminates up..

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ON STAGE SMC5000 Music Stand Cart ON STAGE SMC5000 Music Stand Cart

Mighty yet maneuverable, the On-Stage SMC5000 holds 8-10 stands, turns on a dime and boasts a small footprint of 24.5" to 21.75" for easy storage and ..

83,25€ 111,00€

A classic design that fits right in with schools, orchestras, theaters, recital halls, etc. Features include a space-saving 3-point base, lightweight ..

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