5 and Multi String Bass Guitars

CORT RITHIMIC V NAT 5-String Bass Guitar CORT RITHIMIC V NAT 5-String Bass Guitar

Rithimic VThe bass features an alder body with a beautiful exotic wood top. Outfitting the body are a pair of Bartolini Jeff Berlin custom soapbar pic..

926,31€ 1.157,89€

IBANEZ GSR205B WNF Bass Guitar

IBANEZ GSR205B-WNF; GSR Series 5 String Electric Bass Guitar from the world leading Ibanez brand / Ibanez renowned quality, playability and craftsmans..

303,05€ 319,00€

Artisan B5 Element are the completely revamped group of basses that combines only the best elements from the highly popular Artisan B-class basses, in..

599,00€ 630,53€

This new addition to the B5 Plus AS lineup features an open pore finish body with three colors ideally suited for this type of finish as well as Roast..

549,98€ 578,93€

With their slim necks & powerful pickups, the Ibanez basses not only looks great, but they play & sounds great too. All these great designs and for pr..

398,05€ 419,00€

CORT ACTION HH5 BK 5-String Bass Guitar

The Action Series lineup has been expanded with the addition of the Action HH5, providing a two-humbucker configuration with a versatile wiring scheme..

328,42€ 410,53€

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