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MAPEX AC906 Multiclamp

Item No.: AC906..

53,20€ 76,00€

MAPEX CH72 Chrome Hi-Hat Clamp MAPEX CH72 Chrome Hi-Hat Clamp

MAPEX CH72; Simple functionality and multi-purpose adaptability allow all players to add single items to standard kits or create vast and instricate s..

70,26€ 93,68€

SONOR R12 MC Basic Rack Arm Cymbal Holder

SONOR BR12, stand  for to the drum rack, for cymbal.Hardware Finish: ChromeMaterial: SteelLength: 485 mmItem No.: 7500655..

66,00€ 69,47€

Item No.: BT1EXP..

129,00€ 135,79€

MAPEX MBL909 Bass Drum Lift

MAPEX MBL909: The Mapex adjustable Bass Drum Lift gives the player back some of the low frequencies absorbed by any floor, and provides the ability fo..



The 14" 16-strand Slingerland Radio King PureSound Vintage wires are designed specifically to accommodate the unique snare mounting system. Both end p..

46,55€ 49,00€


Item No.: 77000200..

45,00€ 47,37€

MAPEX ACF-HN; Accessory for H1000 Falcon hi-hat stand.Color: BlackSpecifications: Quick release mechanism allows for quick set-ups and bread downsSpec..


Built from high-grade carpet, the Nux Drum Rug is sturdy enough to take whatever punishment you choose to dish out. And thanks to its non-skid rubber ..

39,00€ 41,05€

SONOR BA19-BR BASIC ARM Cymbal Stacker

Sonor Basic Arm 19 Hardware-SystemHardware Finish: ChromeSpecifications: Aluminum CastSpecifications II: Depending on the combination of the Basic Arm..

39,00€ 41,05€


Bass drum hi-hat adapter For attaching the hi-hat to the bass drum hoop, Suitable for double bass setups, Adjustable angles and lengths, Docking ...Sp..

49,00€ 51,58€

MAPEX B60 Chrome Cymbal Holder

MAPEX B60; Mars Hardware features lightweight yet highly functional stands and simple but sturdy pedals that will serve the needs of gigging drummers ..

39,00€ 41,05€

SONOR MH-PC Multiclamp

Item No.: 14502301..

39,00€ 41,05€

MAPEX MHHCF4 Set (4) Seat Felt

Mapex MHHCF4 Hi-Hat Felts (4-Pack)Item No.: 7800508..

2,40€ 3,00€

MAPEX MTRNW12 Nylon Set (12) Tension Rod Washer

Mapex MTRNW12 Tension Rod Black Nylon Washers (1 set of 12).Color: BlackSpecifications: Material NylonItem No.: 780422..


MAPEX 2680-346A Chrome Hi-Hat Clutch

MAPEX MHHC, Hi-Hat clutchHardware Finish: ChromeItem No.: 7800407..


MEINL PMC-6 Multiclamp

The MEINL Mounting Bar can easily be attached to any stand. It’s ideal for expanding your percussion or drum set up.Item No.: PMC6..

84,00€ 88,42€

MAPEX MCYFSS2 Set (2) Cymbal Felt

MAPEX MCYFSS2 pack of 2 washers/plastic reversibles.Color: BlackItem No.: 7800367..


VIC FIRTH VKB3 Bass Pedal Beater

The Vic Firth VicKick Medium Fleece-Covered Felt Beater is perfect for Jazz settings when you want something really warm and boomy to help keep the gr..

38,00€ 40,00€


Rim tension clow hook for tom.Hardware Finish: ChromeSpecifications: for any tomItem No.: U0052010..

10,00€ 12,50€

MAPEX MC902 Chrome Multiclamp

MAPEX MC902; Simple functionality and multi-purpose adaptability allow all players to add single items to standard kits or create vast and intricate s..

23,75€ 25,00€

MAPEX 0708BBB BLK Lug Assembly

Mapex 0708BBB Black Brushed Plated Assembly Snare LugColor: BlackItem No.: 7800520..


MEINL MCM-141620 Cymbal Mute Set

Meinl Cymbal Mutes MCM-141620 are made to fit over your cymbals and dampen the vibration. The soft material reduces attack and there is no sustain mea..

34,00€ 35,79€

Meinl MC-4 has two straight support rods and two angled retaining rods. More flexibility through additional longitudinal adjustment.Color: ChromeHardw..

65,00€ 68,42€

DW SM788 Dogbone Mini Cymbal Holder

Pro drummers rely on the model SM798 DogBone Arm Adapter from DW to expand their hardware kits. Add or remove it using the Quick Release clamps while ..

48,00€ 64,00€

MAPEX MTH908 Chrome Multiclamp

MAPEX MTH908; Simple functionality and multi-purpose adaptability allow all players to add single items to standard kits or create vast and intricate ..

30,40€ 32,00€

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TAMA CL08 Hi-Hat Clutch

Tama CL08 Hi-Hat Clutch, Security Hi-Hat Clutch Suitable for the Tama HH805, HH905 and HH75W hi-hat stands.Product: CL08Item No.: 02031..


VIC FIRTH VKB1 Bass Pedal Beater

Focused purely on sound quality rather than mechanical motion, the Vic Firth VicKick Medium Hard Radial Felt Beater gives your drum set bass drum a fu..

30,00€ 31,58€

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