Accessories for Harmonicas


The Harmonica Service Set contains everything you need for basic harmonica maintenance. In combination with our online tutorials, this small assortmen..

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ON STAGE IHH1020 Harmonica Holder ON STAGE IHH1020 Harmonica Holder

Perfect for hands-free playing! The IHH1020 fits comfortably around your neck and holds the instrument firmly while you play. It's perfect for jam ses..

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HOHNER HAC007 Harmonica Holder

The Hohner HAC007 is a German made harmonica holder that is Hohner's professional solution for hand's free playing of standard 10, 12 and 14 hole diat..


HOHNER MZ2010; Free-handed harmonica playing has never been this easy – or this comfortable. The FlexRack is the first harp holder of its type that is..

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HOHNER TM180206 Meisterklasse A Harmonica Reeds

Item No.: TM180206..

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HOHNER HH1700 Harmonica Holder

The list of guitarists whose artistry has been enhanced by the rack harmonica includes Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash, Doc Wats..


HOHNER TM99213 Screws (10) Harmonica Servis Set

Suitable for the following models: Chromonica 270 Deluxe, Chromonica_280, Larry Adler 64, chromatic master class!Item No.: TM99213..


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