Effects for Guitar and Bass

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NUX Cerberus Guitar Multi Effect NUX Cerberus Guitar Multi Effect

Cerberus is a multi-function effect pedal which can be used standalone or with the 4 cable method and comes packed with extraordinary features includi..

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The ultimate floor tone rigiRig Stomp I/O is a brand new type of USB pedalboard controller that integrates a professional, high-resolution, MFi certif..

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We collaborated with American bass player Melvin Lee Davis to create MLD Bass Preamp & DI. "Melvin Lee Davis is an American bass player, vocalist, ke..

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NUX MG-300 Guitar Multi Effect Processor NUX MG-300 Guitar Multi Effect Processor

We've all experienced digital pre-effect pedals that belong on the Wall of Shame - especially Overdrive. Modelers of this kind used the linear algori..

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MFX-10 Multi-Effects ProcessorA total of 55 models, up to eight can be used simultaneously 19 classic amp and pedal models with A/B channel switching ..

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ON STAGE DB500 Passive DI Box ON STAGE DB500 Passive DI Box

The DB500 Direct Box transforms any high-impedance 1/4" source into a low-impedance (XLR) signal ready to be sent long distances to a mixing board or ..

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NUX JTC DRUM & LOOP Guitar & Bass Effect NUX JTC DRUM & LOOP Guitar & Bass Effect

After we released the Nux Mini Core pedals and hit the market, we were asked to "please add a loop pedal into this line".  So . . . ask and ye shall r..

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MXR M300 Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal

The Reverb delivers six distinct exquisitely crafted reverb styles, a hi-fi analog dry path with a massive 20 volts of headroom, and numerous other fe..

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Atlantic Delay & ReverbMulti Delay and Reverb effect pedal with inside routing and secondary reverb effects One of the best Delay and Reverb algorith..

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Designed with the experience of crafting pedals for more than 10 years. NUX Bumblebee offers you the optimum board space. Allowing you to customize yo..

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MXR M238 ISO BRICK Power Supply MXR M238 ISO BRICK Power Supply

The MXR Iso-Brick Power Supply is small and light with tons of quiet, noise-free DC power on tap ready to run a wide range of pedal types without crow..

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Cry Baby Junior Wah features front-mounted jacks and an 8" housing for clean configurations on the world's most popular boards so that you don’t have ..

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NUX OCEANIC REVERB Guitar Effect Pedal NUX OCEANIC REVERB Guitar Effect Pedal

NUX Oceanic, a reverb effect as vast and deep as its name. Its minimalistic design sails past the competition giving you endless parameter choices wit..

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NUX LOOP CORE LCL Guitar Effect Pedal NUX LOOP CORE LCL Guitar Effect Pedal

NUX Loop Core allows you to record and create music phases and play back as loops! It has 40 built-in drum patterns and offers you 99 user memories! W..

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A New Era of Sound, Power, & Performance The Roland GR-55 is a revolution in guitar synthesis, with features never before available in any guitar pro..

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Solid Studio IR & Power Amp SimulatorIR Loader with built-in cabinet, microphones and microphone positions and power amp simulator with 3 tubes and po..

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MXR® STUDIO COMPRESSORM76The Studio Compressor provides recording-quality compression with Constant Headroom Technology™ and true bypass switching for..

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PREMIUM TONE FOR PLAYERS ON THE GO Ultra-portable and easy to use, the GT-1 delivers pro-level tones everywhere you play. Driven by the powerful BOSS..

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BOSS RC-5 Loop Station Looper Pedal BOSS RC-5 Loop Station Looper Pedal

Step up to the RC-5 and prime your pedalboard with maximum looping range. Capture sound with premium 32-bit quality, navigate parameters and monitor l..

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NUX Sculpture CompressorNUX Sculpture Compressor pedal offers a consistent volume output level and sharpens the signals on top and bottom edges. When ..

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Bass Envelope Filter Info The Bass Envelope Filter delivers classic, analog, envelope filter sounds in an easy-to-use and compact pedal designed spec..

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BOSS RC202 LOOP STATION Guitar & Bass Effect

Advanced BOSS technology in a compact tabletop looper that can be operated with your hands Two simultaneous stereo phrase tracks with dedicated contr..

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The RC-500 is an essential partner for guitarists, singer/songwriters, multi-instrumentalists, and anyone who wants to take their looping to the next ..

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MXR M169 CARBON COPY DELAY Guitar Effect Pedal MXR M169 CARBON COPY DELAY Guitar Effect Pedal

MXR® CARBON COPY® ANALOG DELAYM169The Carbon Copy Analog Delay delivers rich, warm bucket-bridgade delay with up to 600ms of delay time and modulation..

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MC402 Boost/Overdrive Info The MC402 Boost/Overdrive offers the combination of a simple dynamic overdrive and an independent clean boost circuit—all ..

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JTC Pro is an advanced pedal with simplified controls. It’s a dual switch stomp box pedal with 6 hours of recording capability and 256 loop track memo..

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MXR M135 Guitar Effect Pedal MXR M135 Guitar Effect Pedal

Smart Gate® Noise Gate Info Tame your hissing high-gain amp or silence your string of stompboxes with this ingenious pedal. The Smart Gate is equippe..

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Masamune is a legendary Japanese swordsmith of the Kamakura period (1185–1333). He produced some of the finest blades known to man. The name Masamune ..

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