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NUX LOOP CORE LCL Guitar Effect Pedal NUX LOOP CORE LCL Guitar Effect Pedal

NUX Loop Core allows you to record and create music phases and play back as loops! It has 40 built-in drum patterns and offers you 99 user memories! W..

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NUX Cerberus Guitar Multi Effect NUX Cerberus Guitar Multi Effect

Cerberus is a multi-function effect pedal which can be used standalone or with the 4 cable method and comes packed with extraordinary features includi..

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NUX MG-30;With 2 powerful NXP® RT processors, MG-30 drives 1024 samples Impulse Response resolution with ultra-low system latency to give you tight an..

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NUX ACD 006A 9V Power Supply NUX ACD 006A 9V Power Supply

NUX ACD 006A, AC/DC 9V, power adapter 500mA with center negative polarity for powering many pedals including digital pedals. Automatic adapted to wal..


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NUX MG-300 Guitar Multi Effect Processor NUX MG-300 Guitar Multi Effect Processor

We've all experienced digital pre-effect pedals that belong on the Wall of Shame - especially Overdrive. Modelers of this kind used the linear algori..

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NUX Optima Air is a dual-switch acoustic guitar simulator with a preamp for acoustic and electric guitar players. It simulates the acoustic guitar pro..

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NUX JTC DRUM & LOOP Guitar & Bass Effect NUX JTC DRUM & LOOP Guitar & Bass Effect

After we released the Nux Mini Core pedals and hit the market, we were asked to "please add a loop pedal into this line".  So . . . ask and ye shall r..

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The ultimate floor tone rigiRig Stomp I/O is a brand new type of USB pedalboard controller that integrates a professional, high-resolution, MFi certif..

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We collaborated with American bass player Melvin Lee Davis to create MLD Bass Preamp & DI. "Melvin Lee Davis is an American bass player, vocalist, ke..

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New in 2021 - ERNIE BALL 6191 VOLT power supply! Ernie Ball Volt gives pedal power! Featuring a variety of isolated, high-power DC outputs, the Volt ..

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BOSS ME-80 Guitar Multi Effect BOSS ME-80 Guitar Multi Effect

HANDS-ON ACCESS TO A WORLD OF GREAT TONES Mobile, battery powered, and filled with a diverse selection of flagship-quality BOSS amps and effects, the..

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DUNLOP GCB95 Cry Baby Wah Guitar Effect Pedal DUNLOP GCB95 Cry Baby Wah Guitar Effect Pedal

When people talk about wah-wah pedals, they’re talking about the Cry Baby Wahs. This is the one that created some of the most timeless sounds in rock...

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ERNIE BALL 6182 MVP volume pedal Most Valuable Pedal A dynamic hybrid pedal that allows you to simultaneously adjust both volume and gain. It opens u..

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An analog acoustic preamp with digital effects and looper function. with Reverb and Chorus effects and, each effect designed to control by only one-k..

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ON STAGE DB500 Passive DI Box ON STAGE DB500 Passive DI Box

The DB500 Direct Box transforms any high-impedance 1/4" source into a low-impedance (XLR) signal ready to be sent long distances to a mixing board or ..

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Designed by the award-winning MXR® Custom Badass™ team, the Super Badass Distortion puts decades of 100% analog distortion at your feet. With its high..

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The Konsequent Mini-Delay comes with a back story.Excellent digital delay is more than a simple repetition of sound. It's a dynamic creation of consec..

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MXR M169 Carbon Copy Delay Guitar Effect Pedal MXR M169 Carbon Copy Delay Guitar Effect Pedal

MXR® CARBON COPY® ANALOG DELAYM169The Carbon Copy Analog Delay delivers rich, warm bucket-bridgade delay with up to 600ms of delay time and modulation..

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Bass Octave Deluxe Info The M288 Bass Octave Deluxe is a dual-voice octave pedal that offers analog tone, true bypass, and a variety of tonal options..

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Designed with the experience of crafting pedals for more than 10 years. NUX Bumblebee offers you the optimum board space. Allowing you to customize yo..

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The unbelievably simple user-interface comes from our complex Dual FET Circuit Design, but don't worry about what's under the hood. Just enjoy the 1 S..

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Tube man is a smooth overdrive pedal which has brilliant midrange character, it allows your tone cutting edge while retaining guitars natural sonic qu..

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Atlantic Delay & ReverbMulti Delay and Reverb effect pedal with inside routing and secondary reverb effects One of the best Delay and Reverb algorith..

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This Cry Baby Wah captures Kirk Hammett's thick top end and full dynamic range with custom graphics and tread.Now you can command the same killer wah ..

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MXR M300 Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal

The Reverb delivers six distinct exquisitely crafted reverb styles, a hi-fi analog dry path with a massive 20 volts of headroom, and numerous other fe..

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DUNLOP 535QB Cry Baby Wah Q-Black Bass Effect Pedal DUNLOP 535QB Cry Baby Wah Q-Black Bass Effect Pedal

The 535Q is the Swiss Army knife of wah pedals. It provides control over the most important wah parameters, making it easy for you to create your ulti..

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The MXR design team has collaborated with Eddie Van Halen to deliver a full range of powerful saturation and hyper-driven tones right at your feet. Th..

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A New Era of Sound, Power, & Performance The Roland GR-55 is a revolution in guitar synthesis, with features never before available in any guitar pro..

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