Accessories for Guitar Amplifiers

BOSS GA-FC EX Foot Controller

Boss GAFC EX foot ControllerControls: Switch × 6 [MODE] switchSpecifications: EXP PEDAL jack (1/4-inch TRS phone type) x 2 MODE jack (1/4-inch TRS pho..

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PLS-4 is a four-channel Line Switcher. You can use an extensional footswitch pedal to select one of the four channels. For example, plug the guitar to..

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Floor Control for Roland amps If you want to keep your hands on your axe at all times, the GA-FC Foot Controller lets you drive Roland amps from the ..

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OSS MS7411B; Short hieght boom stand with a folding tripod base and composite leg housing.This compact utility stand is built to last. The MS7411B fea..

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The Palmer DUETTO is a small format active mixer. Input sensitivity and impedance are optimised for electric guitar applications but the unit also wor..

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RS7500; Getting your amp off the floor and tilted improves tour mix. This new Tiltback is constructed with a heavy-duty steel tripod base that adjusts..

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Wireless Foot Control for Digital Music Scores, YouTube, DAWs, Instruments, and beyond,Ultra-compact and fully customizable, the FS-1-WL is an essenti..

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MARKBASS MBA195005 Bass Amp Stand

Mark Bass Mark Stand - Mba195005When playing on a small stage and standing close to your rig, it can be difficult to hear yourself. This ingenious lit..

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FENDER 2-BTN Footswitch

Connect this 2-button footswitch to your Mustang amplifier (included with the Mustang III, optional for the Mustang IV & V) to enable remote multi-fun..

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OSS RS7000 5-Position line-it-up height adjustment. Black Velveteen rubber pads; rubber feet. 150 lbs. Capacity. Black finish.Use this stand to protec..

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Splitter for Guitars "When I run my guitar into two amps simultaneously, I always get a loud hum". This is a rather common problem, often discussed i..

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BOSS FS7 DUAL Footswitch

FS-7 is a compact dual footswitch for remote control of effect pedals or amp channel switching. Two footswitches are arranged in tandem, which saves s..

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Fender 099 0952 Amp with Jewel RedColor: RedItem No.: 099-0952..


DV MARK DV 40 212 Amp Cover

A lightweight but effective way to protect your DV 40 212 combo from the elements and in-town wear and tear.Color: BlackItem No.: DVA134029..

53,00€ 55,79€

BOSS FS-5U Momentary Footswitch

The Boss FS-5U nonlatching footswitch is designed to meet any need for a footswitch that engages the effect only for the time your foot is on it, like..

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FENDER Piggyback Bushings

Genuine Fender Pure Vintage Speaker Cabinet Piggyback Bushings, Used on Tone Master® 212, Super-Sonic™ 212 and Super-Sonic 60 speaker enclosures. Hard..


FENDER Chicken Head Amp Knobs (6)

Fender 099 0935 Pure Vintage Black Chicken Head Amplifier Knobs, Set of 6Color: BlackItem No.: 099-0935..


FENDER Control 100KB Conc Tocos Pot

Fender 005 3736 100kb"Stacked with Tone Control Deluxe Series BassesSpecifications: 100kbItem No.: 005-3736..


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