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Dunlop Formula No.65 Polish · Guitar/Bass Cleaning and CareItem No.: 651J..


Store display. In one box, you'll have everything you need to keep your instrument looking and sounding great! 6x String cleaner, 6x Guitar polish , 6..

77,40€ 81,47€

Our Universal Guitar Care Kit is the perfect add-on to any guitar purchase! The kit will include everything a guitarist needs to keep their guitar loo..


GHS A6 - GORGOMYTE CLOTH Classical Guitar Pack

"GORGOMYTE" Fret and Fingerboard Treated Cleaning Cloth. Developed by world renowned guitar tech Jimmy Johnson. Used by professional guitar techs ever..

25,99€ 27,36€

Formula No. 65 has become the standard daily-use guitar care product line for pro guitar techs, repair shops, and guitarists worldwide. The 6504 kit c..

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Dunlop 6554 65 Lemon Oil Fretboard Cleaner

Ultimate Lemon Oil will remove grime and return your fretboard to its original luster quickly.Item No.: 44055..


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Dunlop 6524 01 Guitar Fingerboard Cleaner

Fingerboard 01 Cleaner & Prep Info Perfectly balanced for fingerboard woods and fret metals. Removes buildup from crevices to restore tone, clarity a..


Dunlop 5400 Guitar Polish Cloth

Microfiber Cloth - 80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide. Non-treated material. Perfect for applying lemon oil, polish, and string cleaner.Item No.: 5400S..


Guitar Polish Kit Info Includes 654 Formula No. 65 Polish and Cleaner, 6574 Body gloss Cream of Carnauba,100% cotton polishing cloth, and care instru..


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Dunlop P65MF12 Platinum 65 Guitar Polish Cloth Dunlop P65MF12 Platinum 65 Guitar Polish Cloth

Tightly woven lint free suede-like material Will not trap debris that could damage your guitar finish Includes one (1) 12x12" microfiber clothItem N..


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Dunlop 6582 Ultraglide 65 String Cleaner Dunlop 6582 Ultraglide 65 String Cleaner

Jim Dunlop 6582 Guitar Cleaning ProductsItem No.: 6582U..


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Dunlop 6532 Conditioner 02 Guitar Fingerboard Cleaner

Prevents warping and cracking while replenishing the proper oil balance of the wood. Conditions with a protective layer while bringing out the rich wo..


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Dunlop P65DC4 Platinum 65 Guitar Cleaner

Keep your instruments pristine and protected with Dunlop's Platinum 65 series of professional grade care products, featuring Montan wax. The automotiv..


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Dunlop P65CP4 Platinum 65 Guitar Cleaner Polish

Keep your instruments pristine and protected with Dunlop’s new Platinum 65 series of professional grade care products, featuring Montan wax. The autom..


Dunlop Formula 65 Guitar Cleaner Polish

Cleans totally and quickly, restoring finish to its original luster. Leaves a micro-thin, stain-resistant protective layer that won't build up. ..


Bright, clean strings make an amazing improvement in the sound of your instrument. Smooth, clear tone can make all the difference in your playing, whe..


Dunlop 654C Formula 65 with Cloth Cleaning Set

A fantastic started kit for the guitar enthusiast, or anyone who cares about keeping their instrument in prime condition.Item No.: 654C..


Dunlop 6574 Bodygloss 65 Wax Cream of Carnauba Guitar Cleaner Polish

The highest-grade carnauba wax, in a proprietary formula. Polishes and beautifies, while hiding light scratches. Leaves a moisture and stain-resistant..


Kyser instrument polish does more than just keep your investment shiny. It keeps off the oil and grime that can get into wood grain over time, to remo..


Using a formulation that was originally developed for jewelers, our super-soft cloth is absorbent, non-abrasive and perfect for all popular guitar fin..


DADDARIO Planet Waves PW-LMN Lemon Oil Fretboard Cleaner

Lemon Oil by D'Addario is a natural cleaner and conditioner formulated to remove dirt, grease and build-up from unfinished woods on all string instrum..


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Dunlop 6502 Guitar Fingerboard Kit Cleaning Set Dunlop 6502 Guitar Fingerboard Kit Cleaning Set

Jim Dunlop Fingerboard Care Kit Everything you need to keep your guitars fingerboard maintained. Great gift idea. It is safe and easy to use. The Du..


DADDARIO Planet Waves PW-MPC Micro-fibre Polishing Cloth

The D'Addario Micro-fiber Polishing Cloth is a long lasting cleaning cloth for all instruments that can be used with or without polishes. Planet Waves..


A smoother fretboard means smoother playing. With Kyser® Lem-Oil Fretboard Conditioner, you can have that fresh-squeezed feel any time. Just rub a few..


Planet Waves XLR8 lubricates and cleans your strings for faster playing and longer life. Simply wipe the easy to use applicator up and down your strin..


Dunlop's two most popular maintenance products in one box. Fretboard 65 Ultimate Lemon Oil and Formula 65 Polish are chosen by players and techs world..

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LA BELLA IP-L4 Guitar Cleaner Polish

From the makers of your favorite guitar strings, La Bella brings you a guitar polish you can trust on your favorite axe. Clean, polish and protect you..


The D'Addario LubriKit is an easy to use lubricant for friction points including the nut and string saddles for all string instruments. Friction is th..


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