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Ukuleles are classified as lutes and usually have four nylon strings. The ukulele is a small guitar-like instrument. Although ukuleles are typical for Hawaii, they were brought there by Portuguese immigrants from Madeira, where this instrument actually originated. In the early 20th century, ukuleles became very popular throughout the United States and from there spread throughout the world.

Depending on the size, ukuleles are divided into:

  • Sopranos - these ukuleles have the smallest body and the shortest neck, which is why they also have the highest tone;
  • Concert - slightly larger body and longer rock than sopranos, has a characteristic of a richer midtone sound;
  • Tenor - these ukuleles already have a slightly lower tone and a longer neck;
  • Baritone - have the lowest tone and also a different tuning;
  • Bass - these ukuleles are quite different in sound from the ones listed above, because they mostly have special soft strings made of silicone rubber, which is why they have characteristics of a soft bass tone.

The sound and volume of the ukulele also vary with size and design. A related instrument is also the guitalele, which is actually a scaled-down classical guitar, slightly larger than a conventional ukulele.

Ukuleles have a smaller body and only 4 strings, which makes them very suitable for beginners, who can progress much faster on this instrument than maybe on acoustic or classical guitar. You don't really need any prior knowledge, but you will still learn a couple of basic chords very quickly so that you can strum and sing and enjoy to the fullest. If you dig a little deeper, you can get much more out of the ukulele. The strings are "nylon" or plastic, so your fingers will not suffer too much. In any case, ukulele is a instrument that also allows very advanced musicians to play virtuoso.

What is the price of a ukulele?

The price depends on various factors such as:

  • The material from which the ukuleles are made;
  • Are they only acoustic or are they also electrified;
  • Quality and time of production;
  • Quality of tuners;

Ukuleles for beginners are usually made of laminate (laminated wood) or even plastic and are of course cheaper. Higher quality ukuleles are made of solid wood and can also be electrified. In addition, with better models, the quality of production (processing and finishing) is higher and requires more time invested by the manufacturer. Better ukuleles have better quality tuners installed, which hold the tuning better. All of this, in addition to the feeling you have when you pick up the instrument, also affects the sound quality and the final price of the ukulele.

For a beginner ukulele model, you will usually only give 50 EUR or even less. Even the more advanced models mostly don’t have astronomical prices. Due to the relatively low price versus quality, the ukulele is an ideal instrument for a gift, both for a beginner and for a more advanced musician.

Apart from the ukuleles themselves, you will also find a wide selection of strings, bags, suitcases and other ukulele accessories in our offer.

Strings are available for all ukulele sizes: soprano, concert, tenor, baritone and bass. Those who prefer to tune the lower G string an octave lower for a more "guitar" feel will also find string sets with a thicker "G" string. Kits as well as individual strings from top manufacturers Aquila, D'Addario and Flight are available.

We also offer a variety of bags and cases for ukuleles in various sizes and attractive designs, as ukuleles have recently become so popular among young people that they have actually become a fashion accessory.

In the Ukulele Accessories category, you will find all the small accessories you need for ukuleles.

  • Capos, for greater flexibility in playing the ukulele,
  • Different ukulele straps, so you can play standing up,
  • Special felt picks, for a slightly different sound than in the classic playing of the ukulele with your fingers,
  • Stands, so that you can store your instrument safely when you are not playing and
  • Various humidifiers, so that your instrument will not suffer from dry air during the winter months.
Top Seller
VESTON KUC100 BK Concert Ukulele VESTON KUC100 BK Concert Ukulele

Veston KUC100, concert ukulele, but this time in black. Suitable for all ages and at all levels of knowledge. This time, the KUS100 in black, which is..

31,00€ 32,63€

Top Seller
VESTON KUS100 BK Soprano Ukulele VESTON KUS100 BK Soprano Ukulele

Veston KUS100, soprano ukulele in several different colors, an instrument designed for beginners as well as those with more knowledge!Color: BlackBody..

26,00€ 27,37€

Top Seller
VESTON KUS100 RD Soprano Ukulele VESTON KUS100 RD Soprano Ukulele

VESTON KUS100RD is a soprano ukulele, intended primarily for beginners, but also for those with more musical knowledge, this time in red, to make your..

26,00€ 27,37€

Top Seller
VESTON KUC100 RD Concert Ukulele VESTON KUC100 RD Concert Ukulele

VESTON KUC100, a concert ukulele suitable for beginners as well as anyone with more instrumental knowledge!Color: RedBody Style: Concert UkuleleType: ..

31,00€ 32,63€

VESTON KUC100 AC, a concert ukulele made of acacia, which brings new trump cards in your playing and the responsiveness of the instrument. The acacia ..

33,00€ 34,74€

A Voyager is a restless traveller, always looking for new, uncharted experiences. Voyager is also a stunning ukulele with a solid spruce top and solid..

382,00€ 402,11€


The Flight Mustang is a tenor-sized, all solid acacia ukulele. It is packed with unique features: intricately designed side sound hole, scalloped cuta..

449,16€ 528,42€

Top Seller
FLIGHT NUC310 Concert Ukulele FLIGHT NUC310 Concert Ukulele

Flight NUC310 Concert Ukulele small in size, big in sound. Light, affordable, and packed with premium features, the Flight NUC310 is the best entry-le..

68,00€ 71,58€

Top Seller

Get ready to rumble with Flight’s new bass ukulele! The FLIGHT DUBS is a wonderful addition for both ukulele ensambles and pop bands alike, since it t..

255,55€ 269,00€

Top Seller
FLIGHT NUS310 NAT Soprano Ukulele FLIGHT NUS310 NAT Soprano Ukulele

Flight NUS310 - Bestseller! If you are just entering the world of ukuleles, this is the model for you! We recommend FTC77 Tuner, UPK300 Pick Pack an..

59,00€ 62,11€

VESTON KUS100 SB Soprano Ukulele

VESTON KUS100 SB;  soprano ukelele, this time in sunburst colour to make your instrument playing even more colorful. Suitable for all types of instrum..

26,00€ 27,37€

Top Seller
VESTON KUS15 VIO Soprano Ukulele

Item No.: KUS15VIO..

28,26€ 29,75€

Top Seller

Color: OrangeTop: AgathisBack: AgathisFinish: SatinNeck Finish: SatinMachine Heads: Chrome / BlackHardware Finish: ChromeSpecifications: Soprano It..

25,65€ 27,00€

VESTON KUS15 BL BLUE Soprano Ukulele

Color: BlueTop: AgathisBack: AgathisBody Style: TravelBody Finish: SatinNeck Finish: SatinMachine Heads: Chrome / BlackHardware Finish: ChromeSpecific..

25,65€ 27,00€

Top Seller
FLIGHT NUC310 koncert Ukulele Bundle FLIGHT NUC310 koncert Ukulele Bundle

Small in size, big in sound. Light, affordable, and packed with premium features, the Flight ukulele NUC310 is the best entry-level ukulele in the mar..

75,06€ 79,01€

Flight Victoria concert eq is a truly special ukulele for more demanding players. It immediately catches the eye with its round cutaway and black curv..

265,00€ 278,95€

This FLIGHT SOPHIA CE concert-sized ukulele is the belle of our modern designs!  This ukulele combines a bright solid spruce top with warm laminate wa..

261,00€ 274,74€

FLIGHT DIANA TE TENOR EQ UKULELE brings style and grace to any event or performance with this concert sized ukulele. The stunning soundon FLIGHT DIANA..

255,00€ 268,42€

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ON STAGE UPK300 (3) Ukulele Pick Pack ON STAGE UPK300 (3) Ukulele Pick Pack

Pack of three felt ukulele picks in various colors. These picks are precisely scaled for its precise/specific application The soft felt material is to..


FLIGHT DUC323 is a concert-sized ukulele. It has a mahogany top, paired with mahogany back and sides, giving it a very warm and resonating sound. Do n..

119,99€ 126,31€

This is not your father’s ukulele, and you can plug in and get loud! The DUC460 is a premium concert ukulele made from laminate Amara wood, a species ..

186,28€ 196,08€


The Flight Fireball is named after a well-known jet airplane. The Flight Fireball EQ-A Tenor features a solid mango body with dyed maple appointments,..

534,00€ 562,11€

Top Seller
FLIGHT DUT34 EQ Tenor Ukulele FLIGHT DUT34 EQ Tenor Ukulele

Larger in scale length and body, FLIGHT DUT34EQ the tenor ukulele possesses a real versatility when played. Sporting up to 19 frets, a tenor can emplo..

132,00€ 138,95€

* We recommend FTC77 Tuner, UPK300 Pick Pack and FUSSC-100 Strings with this ukulele FLIGHT DUS445 ACACIA is a soprano ukulele made from acacia. Acac..

150,00€ 157,89€

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FLIGHT TUS32 Sakura Soprano Ukulele FLIGHT TUS32 Sakura Soprano Ukulele

Due to popular demand we have brought the FLIGHT TUS32  Sakuralele back! This unique FLIGHT TUS32 ukulele has a cherry blossom design, is fitted with..

59,99€ 63,15€

Flight Spirit Electro-Acoustic Concert Ukulele, wild Spirit that belongs in the wilderness and can’t be tamed. Mustang’s younger brother, Spirit, is a..

483,55€ 509,00€

FLIGHT Sophia CE Soundwave Concert Ukulele

This concert-sized ukulele is the belle of our modern designs! This ukulele combines a bright solid spruce top with warm laminate walnut back and side..

361,00€ 380,00€

Top Seller
FLIGHT GUT350 SP/SAP Guitalele FLIGHT GUT350 SP/SAP Guitalele

And now, for something slightly different! Featuring six nylon strings on the body of a spruce baritone ukulele, Flight’s GUT350 guitarlele is an exci..

89,00€ 93,68€

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