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VESTON VK-17 Kalimba

Veston VK-17 kalimba, 17 tones, Kalimba is an old African musical instrument that plays by humming through metal vocal cords. The sound of kalimba has..

28,00€ 29,47€

MEINL BT1415 Artist Professional 14˝-15˝ Timbale Set

The Meinl Professional Series Timbales are made from finest German B8 cymbal bronze. They produce a fantastic warm sound with cutting rim shots and en..

633,25€ 745,00€

Size: 20 cm Silver aluminium Pair Item No.: 7500518..

99,00€ 104,21€

MEINL KA9WW-BK Wah-Wah Kalimba

The Meinl Wah-Wah Kalimba (Thumb Piano) features a sound hole that you can bounce off of your belly during performance to create a warbly, underwater-..

48,93€ 51,50€

Chimes - These are metal pipes of different lengths from which the instrument is made. Features: Size - 36 chimes, 1 line Material - Aluminum also..

74,11€ 78,01€

A triangle is a musical instrument that came from the East, has been popular in Europe for more than two hundred years and is used along with other pe..


MEINL TD7BK Talking Drum MEINL TD7BK Talking Drum

The Meinl Fiberglass Talking Drum TD7BK has its origin in West Africa. The traditional technique involves squeezing the tuning ropes while striking th..

139,20€ 174,00€

The MEINL Rainmaker is uniquely different. Due to the circular construction, it can be mounted on a cymbal stand and by simply turning the instrument ..

152,00€ 160,00€


The noise of the ocean (Ocean drum) is a musical instrument that imitates the sound of ocean waves, with its help you can create complex and interesti..


GEWA JAW HARP 844983 Percussion Block

 Size 6, 8, 12, 15, 16 Special finish in matte silver, matte red and matte blue; sorted Each piece is sold separately Item No.: 844983..


Potted Bass; (also bajs, bow or diplenjak) in the old days should not be missing in dancing, caroling, carnival, slaughter and other festive occasions..

33,25€ 35,00€

MEINL Tril Liquid Bill Saragosa Line Triangle

Meinl Tril Liquid Bill Saragosa Line; Instruments created by Bill Saragosa.Color: Black NickelSpecifications: Wide sound spectrumSpecifications II: Sp..

63,00€ 66,32€

SONOR LHDN 13 Tambourine

Sonor LHDN; Hand drum LHDN 13 Latino Sonor 33cm natural membrane, diameter 33cmColor: NaturalDiameter: Ø 32 cmSpecifications: 6 Clamping screwsSpecifi..

119,00€ 125,26€

With the Meinl Sea Drum 22" FD22SD you can create soundscapes reminiscent of a beach or a surfing trip. The small metal balls are located betweentwo d..

109,25€ 115,00€

GEWA Mahagony Kalimba

Wood: MahoganyItem No.: F835355..

51,30€ 54,00€

MEINL FD18SD-TF African Brown Sea Drum

MEINL Percussion Sea Drums create the soothing sounds of the surf, with a great new feature: A sealable filling port allows you to control the number ..

93,00€ 97,89€

MEINL KA7-M Medium Kalimba

The Meinl Solid 9-Note Kalimba (Thumb Piano) features chrome-plated steel keys and an ergonomically-shaped solid wooden body that sounds and feels gre..

30,31€ 31,90€

SONOR V 3901 Pair 6" Hand Cymbals

Sonor hand cymbals V 3901, 1 pair; suitable for smaller ensembles, simple and easy to perform, made of quality materials and thus ready for long-lasti..

88,00€ 92,63€

The Meinl Turbo Cabasa CA5BK Medium Black is a small percussive instrument. This Meinl Cabasa provides a unique percussive hissing flavour to a piece ..

28,41€ 29,90€


Item No.: 4523..

62,63€ 89,47€

SONOR L 2621 Mexican Guiro

Mexican guiro With scrapers The guiro belongs in every percussion setup. Originally made from calabash fruit, Sonor offers two fiberglass models..

24,70€ 26,00€


Item No.: LP861895..

54,56€ 68,20€

GEWA FLEX-A-TONE Percussion Block

Gewa Felex-a-tone; A unique percussion instrument that creates an eclipse wave has seen blade-like sounds, although the plates are diverse. Bend the s..

62,70€ 66,00€

Cymbal Set 10 Cm diameter 1 Pair Item No.: 7500516..

62,32€ 65,60€

MEINL CA7R Fiberglass Cabasa

CABASA, FIBERGLASS The shape and function of the MEINL Fiberglass Cabasa equals a traditional gourd calabash. MATERIAL Premium fiberglass ..

60,80€ 64,00€

SONOR GTR 10 10cm Triangle

SONOR GTR 10; triangle size 10 cm, metal.Hardware Finish: ChromeDiameter: Rod Diameter: ca. 9 mmSpecifications: Material: SteelAccessories: BeaterWidt..


SONOR Kika Kids Nat Castanets

The sound is rater bright compared to heavier castanets. They are great for an introduction to the rhythmic world of music. It can be used individuall..


Triangel - Originally from the East, but a very popular musical instrument in Europe and more than 200 years old. Used with other percussion instrume..


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