MEINL AE-MTA1BO Tambourine

We developed a special profile jingle for a fine and distinct sound. The attack is airy yet punctuated, with a medium sustain. Artisan frames are prec..

82,99€ 87,36€

The MEINL Backbeat Pro Tambourine features a blackened brass ring made from MEINL Cymbal alloy. Eight pairs of our standard brass jingles are attached..

46,55€ 49,00€

An easy access wing nut allows quick set-up, adjustment, or removal, competely independent from your cymbals. The Professional Hihat Tambourines featu..

39,71€ 41,80€

The Benny Greb Artist Series Hihat Tambourine HTHHBG features sand blasted jingles, that have a dry, vintage sound and unique matte appearance. The ei..

29,90€ 31,47€

MEINL TAH2MSNT Combo Tambourine

The MEINL Headed Recording- Combo Wood Tambourines feature a hand selected goatskin head for full and warm tones, whether played with stick or hand. W..

56,53€ 59,50€

The Meinl TMT1B-BK Hand Held ABS Brass Jingles Tambourines is a hand held instrument designed with your hand in mind. The brass jingles and the ABS pl..

51,99€ 54,73€

EEL TAMBOURINE The MEINL Heel Tambourine provides a hands free option for adding a little jingle to your grooves. Fitting in your shoe, just like a s..


MEINL HTHH2BK Tambourine

The Headliner Hi-Hat Tambourine is a jingle accent that mounts on any hi-hat stand. Secure hardware assures a solid grip. Available in single row and ..

21,76€ 22,90€

Meinl CTA2B-BK - A great sounding tambourine with 12 jingles.  It produces warm, well balanced sounds. Great choice for all musicians who want to expa..

36,99€ 38,94€

Meinl HTHH1BK Hihat Tambourine is a jingle accent that mounts on any hihat stand. Secure hardware assures a solid grip. A single row of Steel Jingles ..


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Meinl CFJS2S-BK Foot BLK Tambourine Meinl CFJS2S-BK Foot BLK Tambourine

The compact foot jingle tambourine from Meinl is a quick way to incorporate a light jingle effect into your playing. It is light, fast and full of sou..


MEINL CTA2WB Tambourine

Meinl CTA2WB - Good sounds come in small packages! MEINL Percussion offers a complete line of Compact Tambourines. Light, fast, and full of sound, the..

22,00€ 23,16€

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MEINL FJS2S-BK Foot Tambourine MEINL FJS2S-BK Foot Tambourine

Meinl FJS2S-BK Foot Tambourine is a perfect compliment for virtually any instrument. It’s light and versatile, yet not overpowering, delivering a sens..


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