Trombone Yamaha YSL-448GE

The YSL-446G is medium large bore models for versatility in almost any playing situation, while the YSL-448G offer a large orchestral bore for powerfu..

1.658,99€ 1.746,31€

Trombone Yamaha 350C

The compact trombone allows beginning students to play certain notes without having to extend the slide beyond their reach. Many students are fascina..

1.071,89€ 1.261,05€

Trombone Jupiter JTB 710RQ

  Bore 12.7mm Bell 203mm Body lacquered brass Slide nickel silver inner and outer Pistol hand grip Adjustable Thumb positioning Curved design..

645,00€ 678,95€

Trombone Gewa PBONE WHITE

Item No.: 700644..

162,45€ 171,00€

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