Cymbal Sets

The Standard Gig Pack features all the standard size cymbals you need! A 14"" hihat pair, 16"" crash and full 20"" ride will have you ready to play an..

499,00€ 525,26€

Lowest price last 30 days: 499,00€

Take your drumming to the next level with the versatile and expressive S Family of cymbals. This explosive pack from the Zildjian Sound Lab features a..

555,00€ 584,21€

Lowest price last 30 days: 555,00€

The Planet Z Complete Pack gives you all the standard sizes in one convenient package. Tackle any style of music with a 14"" hihat pair, a 16"" crash ..

273,00€ 287,37€

Lowest price last 30 days: 273,00€
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