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DUNLOP 510P1.0 Primetone Standard 1.0 (3) Pick Pack

Item No.: 510P1.0..


DUNLOP 510P.96 Primetone Standard 0.96 (3) Pick Pack

Item No.: 510P.96..


DUNLOP 549P.73 Flow Standard Grip 0.73 (6) Pick Pack

Item No.: 549P.73..


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DUNLOP 518PJPBK Petrucci Primetone Jazz III 1.38 (3) Pick Pack DUNLOP 518PJPBK Petrucci Primetone Jazz III 1.38 (3) Pick Pack

This pick’s custom bevel is based on the edge of John Petrucci's own well-worn pick. It’ll glide off your strings like glass with a loud, bold sound t..


DUNLOP 516PAKT Akira Takasaki 1.4 (3) Pick Pack

With its compact size for choking up and digging in, three hand-burnished edges and tips for fast release, and the easy playability and bright sound o..


DUNLOP 494P102 Americana 3.0 (3) Guitar Pick

Dunlop 494P102 Americana 3.0mm Brown Large Triangle Guitar Pick - 3 PackSpecifications: Gauges: Large, RoundSpecifications II: Molded of durable polyc..


DUNLOP 4860 Gels (1008) Pick Pack

Item No.: 4860..

574,56€ 604,80€

Americana. Gauges: Large, Round. Molded of durable polycarbonate. Available in Round and Large Triangle sizes. Created for mandolin and flatpicking st..


GHS GB7M Boomers 10-60 7-String Electric Guitar Strings

GHS Electric Guitar Strings GHS Boomers GB7M Electric Guitar Strings (10 - 60) Seven String, Full Set .010 .013 .017 .026 .036 .046 .060 Designed s..