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MXR® '74 VINTAGE PHASE 90 CSP026 The '74 Vintage Phase 90 is a faithful reissue of the original, featuring hand-matched FETs and a hand-wired circui..

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MXR EVH117 FLANGER Guitar Effect Pedal MXR EVH117 FLANGER Guitar Effect Pedal

EVH117 Flanger Everyone knows that it was the MXR Flanger that powered the timeless Van Halen tunes "Unchained" and "And The Cradle Will Rock". Now y..

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THE WORLD’S FIRST CHORUS SOUNDS, REBORN WITH WAZA CRAFT Launched in 1976, the CE-1 Chorus Ensemble was not only the world’s first chorus effect pedal..

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All analog circuitry with bucket brigade technology Two control knobs for simple operation Faithful recreation of the classic 80s pedal Based on ..

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MXR CSP101SL SCRIPT PHASE 90 Guitar Effect Pedal MXR CSP101SL SCRIPT PHASE 90 Guitar Effect Pedal

Often imitated but never duplicated, the elusive vintage “script” Phase 90 is at the top of the list for pedal collector’s world-wide. The original ve..

101,84€ 135,79€

  MXR® PHASE 90M101The Phase 90 takes you from subtle, spatial shimmer to all-out high velocity swooshing with the twist of a knob. For more than fo..

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MXR EVH90 PHASE 90 Guitar Effect Pedal MXR EVH90 PHASE 90 Guitar Effect Pedal

MXR® EVH PHASE 90EVH90This pedal features both Script and Block style phasing with graphics inspired by Eddie Van Halen's legendary Frankenstein guita..

147,28€ 184,10€

A crystal clear river  flowing, transparent.  The  Rivulet design concept ! Old-school Analog Chorus has always been warm but it was hungry for dynami..

56,05€ 59,00€

The NUX ANALOG CHORUS pedal from the Reissue Series brings back the legendary chorus sound from the 80’s, when most guitar tracks had Chorus effect. T..

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Uni-Vibe® Chorus/Vibrato Info The Uni-Vibe® Chorus/Vibrato is one of the most iconic effects in music history. Since the late ’60s, groundbreakin..

155,00€ 163,16€

NUX Monterey Vibe, born to recreate the grand, yet complex, psychedelic rock guitar sound of the 1960's and 70's. It features all of the classic Uni-v..

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MXR® EVH 5150 CHORUSEVH30Get Eddie Van Halen’s classic chorus sound suped up for modern rig flexibility. The EVH 5150 Chorus is based on a legendary ..

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MXR CSP099 PHASE 99 Guitar Effect Pedal MXR CSP099 PHASE 99 Guitar Effect Pedal

The MXR Phase 90 sits with the Cry Baby® Wah Wah and the Fuzz Face® Distortion as one of the truly iconic effect pedals in music history, setting the ..

175,07€ 218,84€

MXR M305G1 Digital Tremolo Guitar Effect Pedal

This return of the tremolo effect to the MXR line combines a full historical range of masterfully tuned tremolo styles with a host of features to sati..

205,00€ 215,79€

Ahead of its time when it debuted in 1982, the VB-2 Vibrato has been rediscovered by modern players looking to create unique guitar textures with stom..

203,99€ 214,73€

EVH90SE 35TH Anniversary Edition Phase 90 Info Grab a piece of Eddie's magic with the MXR EVH 90—a collaboration between Eddie Van Halen and Dunlop M..

199,00€ 209,47€

MXR® SCRIPT DYNA COMP® COMPRESSORCSP102SLThe Script Dyna Comp Compressor combines classic MXR compression with a bypass status LED and AC power jack f..

175,00€ 184,21€

WAY HUGE WM61 Guitar Effect Pedal

The Blue Hippo Analog Chorus MkIII delivers a range of luscious, liquefied modulation and comes with a Vibe switch for adding thick vibrato goodness t..

171,00€ 180,00€

Fusing classic BOSS octave tones with the latest tracking technologies, the BOSS OC-5 sets a new standard in octave pedal performance. Vintage mode pr..

142,00€ 149,47€

FENDER PHASER Guitar Effect Pedal

This Fender Phaser Effect Pedal from the Classics Series adds versatility to your sound with a few easy knobs.Rate--This knob controls the rate at whi..

56,00€ 140,00€

Building on the 20-year legacy of the famous BOSS BF-2, the new BF-3 flanger pedal gives guitarists and bassists an updated version of the classic BOS..

128,99€ 135,78€

Analog Chorus Info This all-analog pedal uses bucket-brigade circuitry to create classically lush, liquid textures that you just can’t get with digit..

119,00€ 125,26€

The BOSS TR-2 Tremolo is designed to provide guitarists with classic tremolo effects in an easy-to-use compact pedal. Dedicated "Wave," "Rate," and "D..

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NUX ROCTARY FORCE Guitar Effect Pedal NUX ROCTARY FORCE Guitar Effect Pedal

The word Roctory is a combination of "Rotary" and "Octave". It delivers authentic sounding rotary speaker effect and super accurate polyphonic octave ..

71,05€ 94,74€

Mod Core Deluxe Beautiful sound colorations all in one box with two different modes!Nux Original TSAC Technology provides high quality effects to mak..

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BOSS PS-6 HARMONIST Guitar Effect Pedal BOSS PS-6 HARMONIST Guitar Effect Pedal

Meet the new BOSS harmonist, with four intelligent pitch-shift effects and three-voice harmony in one convenient unit. Among the effect modes are Harm..

156,44€ 164,67€

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MXR M290 PHASE 95 MINI Guitar Effect Pedal MXR M290 PHASE 95 MINI Guitar Effect Pedal

The Phase 95 combines the Phase 45 and Phase 90 circuits-toggled by the 45/90 switch-in a mini housing, featuring a Script switch to toggle between mo..

122,95€ 142,13€

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