The S Dark Cymbal Pack marks the next era for S Family, with a darker line of cymbals - 14"" hihat pair, 16"" crash cymbal, 20"" ride - plus an extra ..

739,00€ 777,89€

The Standard Gig Pack features all the standard size cymbals you need! A 14"" hihat pair, 16"" crash and full 20"" ride will have you ready to play an..

499,00€ 525,26€

Take your drumming to the next level with the versatile and expressive S Family of cymbals. This explosive pack from the Zildjian Sound Lab features a..

598,00€ 629,47€

K Custom Dark cymbals are known for their warm, rich sound that cuts through and sings out. Overhammering on top of the cymbal provides slightly dry, ..

1.190,00€ 1.252,63€

The Planet Z Complete Pack gives you all the standard sizes in one convenient package. Tackle any style of music with a 14"" hihat pair, a 16"" crash ..

273,00€ 287,37€

An excellent all-purpose ride. Featuring a strong, clean mid-range, S Family medium rides are suitable for many styles of music. Exceptionally clean s..

222,00€ 233,68€

Perfectly balanced, the standard 14” S Family HiHats offer a versatile range of frequencies with a full-bodied response. Suitable for various styles o..

283,00€ 297,89€

"For drummers looking for classic, bright hihat sound, the 14"" I Family hihat pair is a great choice. A medium weight hihat bottom is paired with a m..

199,00€ 209,47€

"This bright ride is medium to high-pitched in tone. The medium weight produces precise, clean stick definition. Fantastic bell sound that really cuts..

195,00€ 205,26€

The K Constantinople Medium Thin Ride Low features plenty of give and complex texture, with great 'crashability' at a medium thin weight. The combinat..

770,00€ 810,53€


The 14" K Constantinople HiHats utilize the same newer hammering techniques as the K Constantinople Crashes, allowing them to open up with more dark o..

749,00€ 788,42€

"A 16"" crash is a must-have for any setup because it is such a versatile size -- small enough to be fast and bright, but big enough to project and be..

141,00€ 148,42€

Item No.: ILH18C..

171,00€ 180,00€

The K Zildjian Sweet Collection extends the iconic K Family into a new direction of tonal colors that are dark, sweet, and responsive. K Sweet HiHats ..

645,00€ 678,95€

K Custom Dark Hi Hats are a strong choice for drummers who aren't seeking just a darker sound, but also demand a lot of color and articulation from th..

625,00€ 657,89€

K Custom Special Dry are the original dry cymbal remastered for today’s modern musical styles.  These raw and earthy cymbals deliver a dry, funky soun..

625,00€ 657,89€

The pairing of this medium thin weight hihat top and medium hihat bottom delivers a great ""chick"" sound and excellent stick definition. Your journe..

120,00€ 126,32€

SCHLAGWERK CHH12 12˝ Cajon Hi Hat

CHH12 CAJON HIHAT 12 "Thin upper cymbal - includes a thick lower cymbal: These are the ingredients that make you really funky with Schlagwerk Cajon Hi..

299,00€ 314,74€

SCHLAGWERK CCR14 CrashRide 14˝ Cajon Cymbal

CCR14 CAJON CRASHRIDE 14', The 14" Cajon CrashRide is an absolute all-rounder when it comes to percussion cymbals. Playing by hand gives the Cajon Cra..

199,00€ 209,47€

The K Zildjian Sweet Collection extends the iconic K Family into a new direction of tonal colors that are dark, sweet, and responsive. K Sweet HiHats ..

579,00€ 609,47€

The K Constantinople Crashes feature a newer style hammering technique, an additional pin lathe on the top and bottom, and a vintage-style cup for the..

555,00€ 584,21€

The K Custom Medium Ride is a versatile all-around ride with good stick definition, a clear bell and warm undertones. The unlathed underside gives the..

555,00€ 584,21€

The K Zildjian Sweet Collection extends the iconic K Family into a new direction of tonal colors that are dark, sweet, and responsive. The K Sweet Rid..

515,00€ 542,10€

MEINL BB22TRFR BYZANCE Traditional Flat 22˝ Ride Cymbal

Its clear, sweet ping with a complex tonality, little build-up, and long sustain makes it perfect for low to medium situations. Great for acoustic jaz..

499,00€ 525,26€

Excellent stick definition with dry, full-bodied stick sound. Dark, warm undertones with trashy crash qualities for accents.Timbre/Sound: DarkFinish: ..

499,00€ 525,26€

MEINL B22EDMR BYZANCE Extra Dry Medium 22˝ Ride Cymbal

Extremely musical cymbal with ultra dry stick definition and an outstanding short sustain. Unlathed surface and big hammer strokes produce a dry and w..

466,45€ 491,00€

The HiHats that changed it all - A perfect combination of stick and solid "œchick", New Beats are considered by many as the most versatile pair made t..

466,00€ 490,53€

For an even bolder A Zildjian HiHat sound, the Mastersound Hats feature a more cutting, pronounced "œchick" from hammered grooves that vent air quickl..

465,00€ 489,47€

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