The HCS Bronze Complete cymbal set features a pair of 14” hihats, a 16” crash, and a 20” ride from the HCS Bronze series. These cymbals are made to th..

309,00€ 325,26€

SCHLAGWERK CHH12 12˝ Cajon Hi Hat

CHH12 CAJON HIHAT 12 "Thin upper cymbal - includes a thick lower cymbal: These are the ingredients that make you really funky with Schlagwerk Cajon Hi..

299,00€ 314,74€

SCHLAGWERK CCR14 CrashRide 14˝ Cajon Cymbal

CCR14 CAJON CRASHRIDE 14', The 14" Cajon CrashRide is an absolute all-rounder when it comes to percussion cymbals. Playing by hand gives the Cajon Cra..

199,00€ 209,47€

MEINL BB22TRFR BYZANCE Traditional Flat 22˝ Ride Cymbal

Its clear, sweet ping with a complex tonality, little build-up, and long sustain makes it perfect for low to medium situations. Great for acoustic jaz..

420,21€ 525,26€

Top Seller
MEINL HCS16C 16" Crash Cymbal MEINL HCS16C 16" Crash Cymbal

Meinl HCS16C has a lot to offer - This crash is a standard sized main crash cymbal that can be used at the end of fills, for crash-riding to lift your..

95,00€ 100,00€

MEINL B22EDMR BYZANCE Extra Dry Medium 22˝ Ride Cymbal

Extremely musical cymbal with ultra dry stick definition and an outstanding short sustain. Unlathed surface and big hammer strokes produce a dry and w..

466,45€ 491,00€

MEINL B20TRC BYZANCE Vintage 20˝ Crash Cymbal

The different sizes and shapes of the cut-outs gives the cymbal a unique look and a wide spread and a trashy, noisy sound. Recommended for quick accen..

346,10€ 432,63€

MEINL HCSB20R Bronze 20" Ride Cymbal

HCS Bronze rides have an extremely balanced feel with a full, warm sound. They feature a clear ping over an even, shimmering wash, with a medium bell ..

135,00€ 142,11€

MEINL B20DAR BYZANCE Dark 20˝ Ride Cymbal

Low frequency range with esoteric character due to the untreated finish. Dark, earthy, with a short sustain and a defined ping and bell.Style: Pop, Fu..

336,00€ 420,00€


HCS Bronze Soundwave hihats feature a waved bottom, which increases sizzling. Loud open hihat sound. Strong, warm character and a fat cutting chick.St..

124,00€ 130,53€

MEINL B20MR BYZANCE Traditional Medium 20˝ Ride Cymbal

Byzance Traditional Mainl; Balanced, controllable stick response with a defined ping and a blend of bright overtones. Warm basic sound with medium sus..

309,90€ 387,37€

MEINL PAC20MTR Pure Alloy Custom Medium Thin 20˝ Ride Cymbal

Item No.: PAC20MTR..

299,00€ 314,74€

MEINL B18TRC BYZANCE Vintage 18˝ Trash Crash Cymbal

The different sizes and shapes of the cut-outs gives the cymbal a unique look and a wide spread and a trashy, noisy sound. Recommended for quick accen..

297,35€ 313,00€

MEINL MB8 21" GHOST Ride Cymbal

Very special ride cymbal with a unique look and sound. Glassy ping, a warm shimmering body and a nice sparkling decay. The raw black bell delivers a c..

219,47€ 292,63€

Meinl's HCS line offers drummers of all ages and levels the highest quality cymbals at an incredible value. Meinl is proud to offer the widest variety..

91,00€ 95,79€

MEINL HCS14H 14˝ Hi-Hat Cymbal

Meinl HCS14H is a versatile hihat in medium weight. Warm, clean sound and an articulate open hihat. Timbre/Sound: Mid-BrightPitch: Low-MidVolume: Med..

84,55€ 89,00€

MEINL PAC18TRC PURE ALLOY Custom 18˝ Trash Crash Cymbal

MEINL PAC18TRC; Featuring a custom smoked-bronze top and brilliant bottom, the Pure Alloy Custom Trash Crash features a medium thin weight in combinat..

245,00€ 257,89€

Top Seller
MEINL HCS141620 Cymbal Set

The HCS Cymbal Set comes with a 14" HCS Hi-Hat, a 16" HCS Crash, and a 20" HCS Ride. The Meinl HCS cymbal set-ups and individual cymbals are an entry ..

235,00€ 247,37€

MEINL 20MB8 Medium 20˝ Ride Cymbal

Timbre/Sound: BrightPitch: HighVolume: HighSustain: MediumWeight: MediumFinish: BrilliantMaterial: B8Stick sound: Balanced Item No.: MB820..

182,93€ 243,90€

MEINL MCS 18CH 18" China Cymbal

Meinl 18 CH china has a trashy sound with cutting bright overtones and a brash attack. Explosive response with medium sustain. Meinl Cymbals are made ..

78,40€ 98,00€

FeaturesSet of 3 cymbags in 14", 16" and 20" diameterFor all cymbal typesKeeps the cymbal free of finger prints and dustDesignMEINLSKUM-CYMB-141620Dia..

37,05€ 39,00€

The HCS 8" splash delivers an immediate and cutting bright response. It is perfect for fast accents und rolls. Expand your musical expression by addin..

27,90€ 29,37€

Mein HCS 10S in has a immediate, cutting bright response. Perfect for fast accents.HCS series is begginer intermediate cymbal series, with a great val..

27,50€ 28,95€

MEINL HCSB10S Splash Cymbal

HCS Bronze splashes have a crisp, glassy sound with an immediate response and a short decay. Bright and cutting for fast accents.Style: Rock, PopTimbr..

53,98€ 56,82€

MEINL HCS 16" China Cymbal MEINL HCS 16" China Cymbal

16" HCS China Explosive, brash and bright attack with deep, dark and trashy undertones. Style: Rock, PopTimbre/Sound: Mid-BrightCharacter: Warm, H..

44,00€ 55,00€

Sonor V 2012 with leather strap  Diameter: 12"/ 30 cmSpecifications: Silver bronzeSpecifications II: Price per unitAccessories: With leather strapIte..

48,45€ 51,00€

TAMA PBS1465 DRUM BAG SNARE 14X6,5 BLK Cymbal Accessory

The TAMA Standard Drum Bag Set features bags with 10mm of inner cushion and 600 denier waterproof surfaces, which securely protect your drums during t..

46,55€ 49,00€

SABIAN STRAPS Cymbal Handles

Item No.: 16001..


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