MEINL DEEP HATS 18/18 Anika Nilles Hi-Hat Cymbal

"AC-DEEP" 18"/18" Artist Concept Model - Anika Nilles - Deep Hats SIGNATURE "What I really like about my Deep Hats is that they have so many music..

394,80€ 658,00€

MEINL B22FRLR BYZANCE Foundary Reserve Light 22˝ Ride Cymbal

22" Byzance Foundry Reserve Light Ride The NEW Byzance Foundry Reserve collection is a limited selection of cymbals that showcases the stunning, soni..

598,00€ 629,47€

SCHLAGWERK CHH12 12" Cajon Hi Hat

CHH12 CAJON HIHAT 12 "Thin upper cymbal - includes a thick lower cymbal: These are the ingredients that make you really funky with Schlagwerk Cajon Hi..

252,00€ 265,26€

MEINL B22MOR BYZANCE Jazz Monophonic 22˝ Ride Cymbal

Jazz cymbals have a regular finish and contain outstanding sound qualities. They were developed for the natural vintage sound that traditional Jazz re..

499,00€ 525,26€

MEINL BB22TRFR BYZANCE Traditional Flat 22˝ Ride Cymbal

Its clear, sweet ping with a complex tonality, little build-up, and long sustain makes it perfect for low to medium situations. Great for acoustic jaz..

420,21€ 525,26€


Classics Custom Complete Cymbal Set By using a B10 bronze alloy that has a higher content of tin than the standard Classics Series cymbals, high-tech..

498,00€ 524,21€

MEINL B15BADAH BYZANCE Big Apple dark 15˝ Hi-Hat Cymbal

This hihat features a smaller bell and thinner top and bottom cymbals than the other Byzance Dark series hihats. This unique combination of features a..

406,74€ 508,42€

MEINL B21DAR BYZANCE Dark 21˝ Ride Cymbal

Their sound is dark, and so is their oven-blackened look. Byzance Dark models are intense, with responses ranging from the defined sticking of the rid..

469,00€ 493,68€

MEINL B22EDMR BYZANCE Extra Dry Medium 22˝ Ride Cymbal

Extremely musical cymbal with ultra dry stick definition and an outstanding short sustain. Unlathed surface and big hammer strokes produce a dry and w..

466,45€ 491,00€

MEINL B20TRC BYZANCE Vintage 20˝ Crash Cymbal

The different sizes and shapes of the cut-outs gives the cymbal a unique look and a wide spread and a trashy, noisy sound. Recommended for quick accen..

346,10€ 432,63€

MEINL B20DAR BYZANCE Dark 20˝ Ride Cymbal

Low frequency range with esoteric character due to the untreated finish. Dark, earthy, with a short sustain and a defined ping and bell.Style: Pop, Fu..

336,00€ 420,00€

MEINL B18POC BYZANCE Polyphonic 18˝ Crash Cymbal

Meinl B18POC Byzance Polyphonic; Expressively dark crashes with thin edges but thicker unlathed bells. Projecting quickly in an explosive blast, and t..

385,16€ 405,43€

MEINL B14DAH BYZANCE Dark 14˝ Hi-Hat Cymbal

MEINL B14DAH Byzance Dark; Untreated finish. Esoteric, dark sound with a dirty, earthy open hihat and a short sustain and chick.Style: Pop, Fusion, Ja..

382,00€ 402,11€

MEINL B20MR BYZANCE Traditional Medium 20˝ Ride Cymbal

Byzance Traditional Mainl; Balanced, controllable stick response with a defined ping and a blend of bright overtones. Warm basic sound with medium sus..

309,90€ 387,37€

SCHLAGWERK CCR14 CrashRide 14" Cajon Cymbal

CCR14 CAJON CRASHRIDE 14', The 14" Cajon CrashRide is an absolute all-rounder when it comes to percussion cymbals. Playing by hand gives the Cajon Cra..

171,00€ 180,00€

SABIAN XS20 CONCERT BAND 20˝ Effect Cymbal

This pair of cymbals measure 20" and have a great sound for a budget price.Item No.: 52906..

207,79€ 346,32€


Item No.: 52890..

192,63€ 321,05€


The HCS Bronze Complete cymbal set features a pair of 14” hihats, a 16” crash, and a 20” ride from the HCS Bronze series. These cymbals are made to th..

299,00€ 314,74€

MEINL PAC20MTR Pure Alloy Custom Medium Thin 20˝ Ride Cymbal

Item No.: PAC20MTR..

299,00€ 314,74€

MEINL B18TRC BYZANCE Vintage 18˝ Trash Crash Cymbal

The different sizes and shapes of the cut-outs gives the cymbal a unique look and a wide spread and a trashy, noisy sound. Recommended for quick accen..

297,35€ 313,00€


FEATURES 1 thin 10" Sabian APX Splash cymbal 1 thin 18" Sabian APX Chinese cymbal Item No.: 8774..

180,00€ 300,00€

MEINL MB8 21" GHOST Ride Cymbal

Very special ride cymbal with a unique look and sound. Glassy ping, a warm shimmering body and a nice sparkling decay. The raw black bell delivers a c..

219,47€ 292,63€


HCS Bronze Soundwave hihats feature a waved bottom, which increases sizzling. Loud open hihat sound. Strong, warm character and a fat cutting chick.St..

124,00€ 130,53€

MEINL PAC18TRC PURE ALLOY Custom 18˝ Trash Crash Cymbal

MEINL PAC18TRC; Featuring a custom smoked-bronze top and brilliant bottom, the Pure Alloy Custom Trash Crash features a medium thin weight in combinat..

245,00€ 257,89€

MEINL 20MB8 Medium 20˝ Ride Cymbal

Timbre/Sound: BrightPitch: HighVolume: HighSustain: MediumWeight: MediumFinish: BrilliantMaterial: B8Stick sound: Balanced Item No.: MB820..

182,92€ 243,90€

MEINL CC20MR-B CLASSIC Custom Briliant 20˝ Ride Cymbal

MEINL CC20MR-B; Crisp, clean stick response with a balanced feel. Full and bright sound with a medium sustain and a defined, strong bell. A well round..

214,00€ 225,26€

MEINL PA16MC PURE ALLOY Medium 16˝ Crash Cymbal

The Meinl Pure Alloy crashes hit you with a bold punch filled with highs, mids and lows, followed by a medium to long sustain.Style: Rock, Pop, Fusion..

199,00€ 209,47€

Top Seller
MEINL HCS141620 Cymbal Set

The HCS Cymbal Set comes with a 14" HCS Hi-Hat, a 16" HCS Crash, and a 20" HCS Ride. The Meinl HCS cymbal set-ups and individual cymbals are an entry ..

195,00€ 205,26€

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