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Don't forget that music accessories can alleviate many inconveniences in your musical engagement.

Music accessories are indispensable gdgets that will further improve your musical activities, make it easier to play and allow you to progress. In this category are:

  • different stands, such as conductor's desks, music stands, microphone stands, speaker stands, light stands, stand lights, and stand accessories,
  • metronomes and tuners - electronic metronomes, mechanical metronomes, intonation and tuning forks, tuners and metronome tuners,
  • batons and accessories,
  • accessories for orchestras,
  • gift program - clothes and small presents program,
  • batteries and accessories.

A music stand is a pedestal or raised stand designed to hold the note in a reading position. Most music stands intended for orchestras, chamber ensembles or solo instruments can be adjusted in height to suit seated or standing performers of different heights. Many keyboard instruments already have a built-in or removable music stand where you can place music notes. Music stands allow musicians to read notes or. songs while playing an instrument or conducting, as the stand gives you a free hands. Music stands are also an indispensable music accessory for singers who have hundreds of songs in their repertoire and cannot learn all the lyrics by heart.

There are different types of music stands for different purposes and users of music accessories. Folding stands can be portable and are very suitable for rehearsals and performances outside the home. Folding stands are usually used by amateur musicians at rehearsals and performances. Professional musicians will limit the use of folding stands to rehearsals or smaller concerts. Larger orchestras usually use more massive non-folding stands for rehearsals and concerts.

Microphone stand is a freestanding microphone holder. It allows you to place the microphone in a studio, on stage or in another location and the performer does not need to hold it in his hand.

The most basic microphone stand is a straight stand. It uses a round metal base or a three-floor base into which a support column is inserted to attach the microphone. This column can consist of two or more telescopic pipes that fit into each other, allowing quick height adjustment. The mechanism for adjusting the height is called the clutch.

There are various versions of a straight stands, for example, a table stand (short version of a flat stand), a massive microphone stand (heavier base and larger pipes) for handling heavier microphones. Pipes used on a straight stands usually have a glossy chrome coating to keep them from scratching, but they can also be in a matte black color.

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VESTON MUS014 Music Stand VESTON MUS014 Music Stand

VESTON MUS014, music stand, conductor's desk, very stable music stand, Foldable lower part of the stand, for easy carrying. Due to its structure and d..

22,00€ 23,16€

Top Seller
VESTON MS004 Microphone Stand VESTON MS004 Microphone Stand

VESTON MS004, professional microphone stand, with microphone holder, can be used on stage, rehearsals or in the recording studio. The solid frame prov..

23,00€ 24,21€

VESTON MS002 Microphone Stand

Veston MS002, microphone stand.Color: BlackDiameter: 20mmLength: 1300mm-1900mmWidth: 620mmItem No.: MS002..

20,00€ 21,05€

Top Seller
VESTON MUS010 Music Stand with Bag VESTON MUS010 Music Stand with Bag

VESTON MUS010, music stand with bag, easy installation and storage, recommended for performances due to its weight and because it can be folded and ca..


HERCULES DG307B, attachment for tablet or phone, practical setting for all dimensions. The Hercules DG307B is the most adaptive 2 in 1 tablet and phon..

49,00€ 51,58€

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FLIGHT FTC-77 Clip-on Chromatic Tuner FLIGHT FTC-77 Clip-on Chromatic Tuner

Ideal for guitar, bass, and ukulele, the clip-on FTC-77 is the most affordable tuner in the market. Small, durable, and simple to use, it provides con..


The HERCULES Tripod Base Boom Mic Stand MS631B features the EZ Mic Clip, the EZ Boom Retainer, and the Quik-N-EZ Height Adjustment Grip.Specifications..

66,00€ 69,47€

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VESTON SPS005 Speaker Stand VESTON SPS005 Speaker Stand

VESTON SPS005, speker stand.Color: BlackFinish: SatinMaterial: Aluminum, PlasticWidth: Legs: 67 cmHeight: 104-160 cmWeight: 2.83kg Item No.: SPS005..

21,00€ 22,11€

Ernie Ball 4112 FlexTune is a portable clip-on tuner that fits all types of guitars and other stringed instruments. The large 2-inch LCD display give..

20,90€ 22,00€

HERCULES DG207B; TightVice locking mechanism ensures your device is safely locked in place. Has wider support range fits camera light and tripod.Has a..

32,00€ 33,68€

Take some of the pressure off of setting up your PA with the Hercules Gear Up Speaker Stand SS710B. This intelligently designed tripod-style stand fea..

222,00€ 233,68€

The HERCULES AutoLock Speaker Stand SS410B is a solid, sturdy tripod. It features the Quik-N-EZ AutoLock System, the EZ Adaptor pole top, the built-in..

110,00€ 115,79€

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HERCULES BS100 Music Stand HERCULES BS100 Music Stand

Hercules BS100 is a minimalistic music stand with Reinforced Desk Lip. it has a EZ Glide, which automatically locks the stand in place. Just "glide" i..

33,00€ 34,74€

The Hercules Tripod Base Hideaway Boom Stand MS531B is truly able to handle any miking situation you may face. It features the unique and convenient H..

65,00€ 68,42€

Transport your mic and speaker stands to the show with the Hercules Carry Bag MSB001. This tough nylon bag protects your stands from the dings and dus..

32,30€ 34,00€

The Hercules MS632B Boom Microphone stand comes with the 2-in-1 boom clamp which adjusts the boom length and angle at the same time. The Hercules MS6..

78,01€ 82,12€

HERCULES LS700B Light Stand HERCULES LS700B Light Stand

The HERCULES Gear Up Lighting Stand LS700B features the Quick-N-EZ Gear Up System, a square T-bar with clip for easy mounting, and dual-braced tripod ..

241,58€ 268,42€

Get sturdy placement for your sheet music while you play with the Hercules BS050B EZ Desk Music Stand. is a lightweight, three-section music stand tha..

28,00€ 29,47€

HERCULES SS400B Speaker Stand HERCULES SS400B Speaker Stand

Designed for musicians on the go, the Hercules Autolock Speaker Stand will keep your speakers safe and secure as you perform. Able to extend to 82.7 i..

101,05€ 126,32€

Top Seller
HERCULES MS533 Microphone Stand HERCULES MS533 Microphone Stand

Hercules MS533B is a great multi puropse stand, which is really easy to use. It comes with classic Hercules yellow and black color, with sturdy constr..

69,00€ 72,63€

SEIKO SQ60 Metronome

The SQ60-V quartz metronome is an upgrade from Seiko's SQ50 and features new look, easy operation tempo dial, adjustable volume, two selectable click ..

39,90€ 42,00€

The HERCULES Low Profile Mic Stand MS120B with telescoping boom is ideal for drum and amplifier applications. The weighted Hercules H-Base provides ex..

49,00€ 51,58€

SEIKO SAT50EX Digital Metronome

Item No.: 0416112..

22,80€ 24,00€

DADDARIO PW-CT-17GN Eclipse Green Digital Clip On Tuner

Affordable no longer means compromise. The D’Addario Eclipse Tuner—the modestly-priced tuner with unparalleled performance. The Eclipse chromatic clip..


ON STAGE LS-MS7620 Lighting/Mic Microphone Stand

Our multipurpose LS-MS7620 Lighting/Mic Stand mounts lighting, photography accessories, and mics. The included spigot and adapter combine to provide 1..

47,41€ 49,90€

The HERCULES Three-Section Music Stand BS418B features the patented Quik-N-EZ Height Adjustment Grip, a perforated folding desk, a foldable tripod bas..

90,00€ 94,74€

HERCULES DG107B Mic & Camera Arm

The Hercules DG107B universal podcast mic & camera arm stand is the perfect podcasting stand for your home or studio. TightVice locking mechanism ensu..

59,00€ 62,11€

HERCULES MS432B Microphone Stand

Set the stage for greatness with the Hercules MS432B Stage Series mic stand. The intuitively designed, two-in-one boom clamp lets you fine-tune both b..

35,00€ 36,84€

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