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The NUX NMT-1 is a 4-in-1 compact multi-tester. It features the patch cable tester, DC cable tester, pedal current and voltage meter, and tuner functi..

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GEORGE L's PVC Stress Relief Jacket

Relieve stress and color code your pedal board (or rack)! These stress relief jackets are great caps for both .155 or .225 cable.Specifications: These..

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DADDARIO PW-ECT-10 Set (10) Cable Tie

Planet Waves cable ties, for 1/4-inch diameter cables and power cords, 10-pack. Keeps cables neatly coiled, free from damaging kinks Clamps onto c..


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Highly featured for professional use. Offers 32 ranges including AC and DC current measurement up to 10A. Temperature measurement Frequency me..

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George L's screwdriver for making cables using straight plugs George L's Screwdriver Used for Straight Plugs, .155 or .225 Sturdy Aluminum Item ..

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BESPECO VELCRO Guitar Pedal Velcro Hook & Loop

Cable tieItem No.: TIESMALL..


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