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Looking for music instruments for kids?

We have a wide selection of music instruments for kids in stock, we believe that even the youngest will find their favorite musical instrument suitable for their age!

Music instruments for kids include the categories Children's Guitars, Children's Accordions, Children's Flutes, Children's Keyboards, Children's Percussion Sets and Individual Children's Percussion. You will find many things, from a simple rattle, to a mini electric guitar and a real children's set of drums.

Why is music education for children so important?

Early childhood music education has many more benefits than just helping young people learn the basics of playing instruments, reading notes, or singing harmoniously. Music teaching helps children’s brains in many ways, encourages emotional development, and leads to academic success in non-music-related subjects. Whether a child has absolute hearing or not, learning to sing or playing an instrument, music instruments for kids bring him many benefits in the future.

The benefits of music education in early childhood include better reading skills, more attentive listening, improved language skills, advanced memory ability, and generally better learning results in school subjects. Music instruments for kids help young students discover how to decipher individual sounds from a noisy background, how to recognize patterns, how to deal with challenges from environment and how to wait patiently for learning progress to show.

Education experts say these are key skills for success in everyday lessons. Most students who lag behind in school tasks lack the proper attention and listening skills necessary to achieve good grades and emotional maturity. In fact, the human brain is rewarded for life with learning music at an early age, even if children only learn and use music instruments for kids for a year or two. The brain becomes, so to speak, “inclined to learn” any new kind of information and gets a significant impetus, no matter what form of preschool music education it is.

For more information on the benefits of early music learning in general for children using music instruments for kids, select the article The Truth About Musical Instruments for Preschool Children…

At this point, it should first be emphasized that of course your child comes first. Every new experience we can give children is an opportunity for their growth and development. Childhood is a period where physical, mental, and emotional foundations are built that will provide support to children in later stages of life.

One of the most beautiful gifts you can give your child as a parent is definitely music.

That being said, the child should be encouraged from an early age to listen to different genres of music. There is nothing wrong with this if kitchen utensils become music instruments for kids with which the child will express feelings while listening to music.

In this way, the child will develop his imagination and creativity. Later, of course, the "ladle and pots" can be replaced by drums or any other instrument that will grow on the child's heart.

We can find plenty of evidence from history about the positive effect of music on a child's development, as well as modern research that confirms the fact that musical experiences gained by children using music instruments for kids contribute to the holistic development of a lifelong personality.

How good should music instruments for kids be?

The main problem that arises is that parents most often turn to shops, which are basically not a shops for musical instruments at all, and usually find extremely affordable "instruments" on their shelves.

This is completely understandable, they are the cheapest and as a parent you just want to test whether your child will like the instrument at all before you go into a more serious investment.

The problem is that this is not an instrument, but an ordinary toy and with it the child has no conditions for learning music and progressing, which can cause him to give up quickly or even get resistance to the instrument.

But to cheer you up, those real music instruments for kids are not expensive at all.

For real!

If you know what to look for, you can get a great instrument for your child, he will love music and your wallet will still not be emptied, visit music instruments for kids!

Top Seller
FLIGHT FPS-10 (10) Percussion Set FLIGHT FPS-10 (10) Percussion Set

Percussion kit FLIGHT FPS-10 consists of 10 percussion, colorful style! The set is packed in a colorful bag and will be a great gift for those who e..

47,00€ 49,47€

Top Seller -10%
FLIGHT FM 25 Metallophone FLIGHT FM 25 Metallophone

The metallophone is a percussion musical instrument, one of the varieties of xylophones. It is a series of metal plates, tuned to certain notes, which..

27,47€ 30,53€

Item No.: FPS17..

89,00€ 93,68€

Top Seller
CASIO SA76 Mini Keyboard CASIO SA76 Mini Keyboard

For the creative child's room The 44-key SA-76 and SA-77 offer all discoverers of music the essentials for playing those first tunes. 100 tones, 50 r..

65,00€ 68,42€

Top Seller
CASIO SA46 H2 Mini Keyboard CASIO SA46 H2 Mini Keyboard

More than just a toy-ultimately small children will have lots of fun playing the 32 keys right from the start. The SA-46 and SA-47 mini keyboards come..

49,00€ 51,58€

Top Seller -20%
FLIGHT FB-45 Bongo

Bongo - a Cuban percussion that is usually played sitting or attached to a special stand. Bongs are made up of different components; the drums are of ..

36,21€ 45,26€

The Flight EST11, an electric guitar in its "mini" version, and this time even for the youngest who would also like to play electric guitar and was to..

99,00€ 104,21€

Music is essential to your child's overall development. It develops sound, visual, sensing skills, contributes to its thinking. If you want them to de..

21,00€ 22,11€

Music is essential to your child's overall development. It develops sound, visual, sensing skills, contributes to its thinking. If you want them to de..

21,00€ 22,11€

FLIGHT FRW-115N Wooden Rachet

The rattle is one of the oldest musical instruments, common among many peoples of the world. The ratchet is played in two ways. The first one is to ho..

4,90€ 7,00€

Top Seller -20%
FLIGHT FT8H-12 Headless Tambourine FLIGHT FT8H-12 Headless Tambourine

Tambourine without membrane FLIGHT FTH 8-12 with a diameter of 8 inches (20 cm), which offers penetrating sound for a great price, the sound comes fro..

6,40€ 8,00€

FLIGHT FPS-3Y (3) Percussion Set FLIGHT FPS-3Y (3) Percussion Set

Percussion setFLIGHT FPS-3Y percussion instruments are made of environmentally friendly materials and consist of 3 parts of a pair of colorful wooden ..

15,20€ 19,00€

FLIGHT FM 8-1 Metallophone

Bells - belongs to the percussion and are a kind of xylophone.This is a series of metal plates that we hit with sticks. The instrument can be used as ..


FLIGHT FMP-255B Plastic BLK Maracas FLIGHT FMP-255B Plastic BLK Maracas

Maracas - an instrument of Cuban origin. They use it to perform Latin dance music such as salsa, cha-cha-cha, merengue, samba. Maracas can be used not..

5,53€ 7,90€

Top Seller
FLIGHT FM8S Metallophone FLIGHT FM8S Metallophone

Bells - a percussion instrument, are a kind of xylophone. It is a series of metal plates that give a bright and penetrating sound. The instrument can ..


A music keyboard with 49 keys that is ideal for both experienced keyboardists and the casual beginner. This electronic keyboard comes with 16 differe..

63,00€ 66,32€

Top Seller
HOHNER Happy Color Kids Harmonica

The Hohner Happy Color organ is intended for the youngest mouth harmonica players to take their first steps into the world of music. In several differ..


Top Seller -30%
FLIGHT FPS-6V (6) Percussion Set FLIGHT FPS-6V (6) Percussion Set

FLIGHT FPS-6 percussion instruments are made of environmentally friendly materials and contain 6 percussion instruments arranged in a colorful style: ..

14,66€ 20,95€

Top Seller
FLIGHT FFP-1 Recorder

FLIGHT FFP-1 recorder is suitable for both children and adults. It is easy to learn. The recorder consists of two parts: mouthpieceand middle with low..



When developing the Speedy, we wanted to create a diatonic beginner’s instrument that would be perfect for children – hence the durable construction a..


Top Seller -20%
FLIGHT FM8-3 Metallophone FLIGHT FM8-3 Metallophone

8 Metal Sound Plates With 2 Wooden Handel Sticks Material: Metal, Wood, Plastics Item No.: FM8-3..

10,01€ 12,51€


The Speedy has four clearly separated channels with a range of one octave and is available in four different colours. The robust construction makes it..


A popular model of classical guitar. Size 1/2 is suitable for the youngest guitarists and allows a comfortable posture during the playing. In its pric..

96,00€ 101,05€

FLIGHT FMP-255Y Yellow Maracas FLIGHT FMP-255Y Yellow Maracas

Maracas - an instrument of Cuban origin. They use it to perform Latin dance music such as salsa, cha-cha-cha, merengue, samba. Maracas can be used not..

5,53€ 7,90€

FLIGHT FCW-9N Castanets

FLIGHT FCW-9N, wood castanets in natural color. If we dive into history, the castanets began to be used in the Middle Ages in Spain, but its origin is..


FLIGHT TC-6C Wooden Rachet

A ratchet is an orchestral musical instrument played by percussionists. Operating on the principle of the ratchet device,  a gearwheel and a stiff boa..

6,40€ 8,00€

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