Electronic Drums

DM-4 Digital Drum Kit NUX DM-4 is designed as a professional electronic drum setwith built-in 232 types of French Dream ultra-realistic drum sound ..

599,00€ 630,53€

NUX collaborates with REMO, the world-renowned drumhead brand, and equips DM -7X with all excellent REMO mesh heads. Enhanced by the latest Dual-Trig..

750,00€ 789,47€

YAMAHA DTX6K-X Electronic Drumkit

Item No.: DTX6KX..

998,00€ 1.050,53€

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NUX DM-1 Electronic Drumkit NUX DM-1 Electronic Drumkit

DM-1 is the newest innovated electronic drum set engineered by NUX. The brand new structure design makes it one of the tiniest electronic drum sets (b..

267,53€ 314,74€

NUX DM-210 Electronic Drumkit

Item No.: DM-210..

469,01€ 493,69€

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