NUX DM-7X Electronic Drumkit

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NUX collaborates with REMO, the world-renowned drumhead brand, and equips DM -7X with all excellent REMO mesh heads.

Enhanced by the latest Dual-Triggering technology (head and rim), DM-7X's 10" NDP-10 snare and the 8" NDP-8 toms

provide accurate triggering and large strike area, together with authentic acoustic feel.

Meanwhile, with the advanced velocity-sensitive drum pads and cymbals,

you can set parameters for your drum triggers to ensure the most accurate and natural response.

DM-7X also features 30 precisely-sampled studio kits and a customizable sound library, which delivers the most realistic and expressive drum sounds.

In addition, practice mode offers recording and 5 types of coach functions, and various effects are available to further expand the playability.

All Mesh Heads Made by REMO

NUX cooperates with REMO to equip DM-7X with all REMO mesh heads.

No matter strike feedback or touching, DM-7X can provide you with the perfect drumming experience.

The mesh head has been tested for more than 1 million strokes and is thus very durable. Two trigger zones are at the head and at the rim.

The tone changes depending on where and how hard you strike, ensuring the most realistic playing feel.

Controls: Hi-hat control x1, Kick x1, Kick pedal x1
Drumset: Electronic Drums Set
Sound Module: DM-7X Module x1
Effects: Overdrive, Compressor, Reverb and Tune (all editable)
Tom: 8" Tom x3
Snare Drum: 10" Snare x1
Cymbals: 12" Hi-hat x1, 12" Crash x2, 14" Ride x1,
Specifications: MIDI Data through USB Port
Specifications II: Headphone, Output, Power In, USB Midi, AUX In, Tom4 Trigger-in
Specifications III: TAP/Metronome, Rhythm, Tempo Rate, Volume, EFX
Features: REMO mesh heads
Features II: 30 precisely-sampled studio kits
Features III: Dual-Triggering technology (head and rim)
Weight: 37 kg

Item No.: DM-7X

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