NUX CERBERUS Guitar Multi Effect

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Cerberus is a multi-function effect pedal which can be used standalone or with the 4 cable method and comes packed with extraordinary features including inside routing, IR loader, analog overdrive & distortion and digital effects

Features and Requirements of Cerberus’s IR loader:


  • Built-in IR: High-Quality 4x12 Closed Back Cabinet
  • Zero Latency
  • 44.1kHz Sampling Rate, 24-Bit
  • Max Resolution: 512 Samples
  • Nux factory cabs and 3rd party IR files can be loaded to Cerberus via Cerberus Editor software (coming soon)
  • More Features
    An integrated loop switcher, IR loader, kill dry function, 0 to 20dB volume boost and an accurate tuner into a simple-to-use floor unit. Great tone, ultimate flexibility, easy control, and extreme portability make Cerberus ideal for all players. It also has an additional foot control switch for the selected functions of your choice and you can also connect an expression pedal while it becomes a volume control option before the digital section.

    Control switch can be assigned as Reverb, Mod FX, Drive Section Bypass or Clean Boost (0dB - 20dB)
  • MIDI Implement / Global Settings
    When you're using any kind of MIDI-compatible pedals and stompboxes, they are extremely handy when paired with a rack processors or even a guitar effects software. Cerberus provides full MIDI implementations that you can use and combine with any MIDI-supported gear.
  • 16 different effect types in 4 effect groups (delay / reverb, mod, distortion, drive)
  • 128 presets in 32 banks
  • Analog overdrive and distortion circuits
  • True bypass (OD / dist)
  • Realistic speaker simulation with impulse response loader
  • MIDI compatible
  • USB port for upgrading the software editor
  • Converter: 88.2 kHz / 32-bit AD / DA
  • 4 separate signal routings are possible
  • Kill-dry switch
  • Integrated chromatic tuner
  • Tap function
  • Multiple inputs and outputs
  • Dimensions: 320 x 100 x 65 mm
  • Weight: 1.26 kg



Effect Type: Floor Multi-Effect
Sampling Rate: 44.1kHz/32Bit
A/D/A: AD/DA Converter:Drive section remains analog
Signal Processing: 88.2kHz/32Bit
Display: 3-digital 7 segment LED
Specifications: MIDI Support: Full MIDI Implements
Specifications II: Speaker Cabinet Simulation: IR Loader
Specifications III: Preset memory:32 banks x 4 presets
Features: Tuner:Built-in precise tuner
Features II: Boost:0dB - 20dB Clean Boost
Features III: Control Switch: Assign as a Clean Booster, Drive Section Bypass, Mod FX Control, Delay/Reverb Contro

Item No.: 6600041

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