FENDER PASSPORT UHF Wireless Executive System Wireless Handheld Microphone

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FENDER PASSPORT UHF Wireless Executive System;

A great value add-on for all the Fender Passport PA range. The Fender UHF Wireless Executive microphone system gives you two hands-free microphones - a lavaliere (lapel) mic and a headset mic - that will make any lecture or interactive presentation more manageable.

The Executive microphone system also comes with a body pack transmitter and a docking receiver that's compatible with any Fender Passport PA system - just plug the receiver into the PA's docking connector, pop a 9-volt battery into the transmitter and you're ready to go!

No wires, no adapters and no antennas to tie you down. The Executive mic system is frequency-agile and can operate on 16 different UHF channels to help ensure you'll always be able to find a clear, interference-free channel. You can also operate multiple microphones in proximity to each other without worrying about cross-channel interference.

Application for: for Fender Passport upgrade
Form: Lavalier
Polar patern: Cardioid
Number of Channels: 16

Item No.: 069-2205-960

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