MEINL WC1212ZFA-M Woodcraft 12 1/2˝ Conga

The MEINL Woodcraft Traditional Series Congas stand for tradition combined with exceptional workmanship. Only the finest hand selected materials are u..

659,00€ 693,68€

The Tango Line of artisan cajons have two groupings of three pre-tuned metal micro-coiled cajon strings that span across the inside of the playing sur..

195,01€ 205,27€

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MEINL HCS 141620 Cymbal Set

The HCS Cymbal Set comes with a 14" HCS Hi-Hat, a 16" HCS Crash, and a 20" HCS Ride. The Meinl HCS cymbal set-ups and individual cymbals are an entry ..

195,00€ 205,26€

MEINL BT1415 Artist Professional 14˝-15˝ Timbale Set

The Meinl Professional Series Timbales are made from finest German B8 cymbal bronze. They produce a fantastic warm sound with cutting rim shots and en..

633,25€ 745,00€

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MEINL NINO-540 Shaker

Egg shakers are like shoes: everybody should have a pair! NINO egg shakers are no exception to this rule, and are available in blue, black, green, red..


MEINL DEEP HATS 18/18 Anika Nilles Hi-Hat Cymbal

"AC-DEEP" 18"/18" Artist Concept Model - Anika Nilles - Deep Hats SIGNATURE "What I really like about my Deep Hats is that they have so many music..

394,80€ 658,00€

MEINL B22FRLR BYZANCE Foundary Reserve Light 22˝ Ride Cymbal

22" Byzance Foundry Reserve Light Ride The NEW Byzance Foundry Reserve collection is a limited selection of cymbals that showcases the stunning, soni..

598,00€ 629,47€

MEINL B22FRR BYZANCE Foundary Reserve 22˝ Ride Cymbal

22" Byzance Foundry Reserve Ride The NEW Byzance Foundry Reserve collection is a limited selection of cymbals that showcases the stunning, sonically ..

598,00€ 629,47€


The HCS Bronze Complete cymbal set features a pair of 14” hihats, a 16” crash, and a 20” ride from the HCS Bronze series. These cymbals are made to th..

299,00€ 314,74€

MEINL B22MOR BYZANCE Jazz Monophonic 22˝ Ride Cymbal

Jazz cymbals have a regular finish and contain outstanding sound qualities. They were developed for the natural vintage sound that traditional Jazz re..

499,00€ 525,26€

MEINL BB22TRFR BYZANCE Traditional Flat 22˝ Ride Cymbal

Its clear, sweet ping with a complex tonality, little build-up, and long sustain makes it perfect for low to medium situations. Great for acoustic jaz..

420,21€ 525,26€


Classics Custom Complete Cymbal Set By using a B10 bronze alloy that has a higher content of tin than the standard Classics Series cymbals, high-tech..

498,00€ 524,21€

An acoustic take on a cocktail kit set up, the MEINL Cocktail Cajon Kit offers players a wide range of sounds from bass and snare to bongo cajons and ..

489,00€ 514,74€

MEINL B15BADAH BYZANCE Big Apple dark 15˝ Hi-Hat Cymbal

This hihat features a smaller bell and thinner top and bottom cymbals than the other Byzance Dark series hihats. This unique combination of features a..

406,74€ 508,42€

MEINL TMT Timbales Stand MEINL TMT Timbales Stand

The Meinl Headliner Series Timbales come in 13" and 14" sizes, are made from chrome plated steel and come with a heavy duty, height adjustable tilting..

100,21€ 125,26€

Made in Spain with uncompromising craftsmanship for the most discerning of players, the MEINL Artisan Edition Slaptop Cajon is built with features tha..

474,05€ 499,00€

MEINL B21DAR BYZANCE Dark 21˝ Ride Cymbal

Their sound is dark, and so is their oven-blackened look. Byzance Dark models are intense, with responses ranging from the defined sticking of the rid..

469,00€ 493,68€

MEINL B22EDMR BYZANCE Extra Dry Medium 22˝ Ride Cymbal

Extremely musical cymbal with ultra dry stick definition and an outstanding short sustain. Unlathed surface and big hammer strokes produce a dry and w..

466,45€ 491,00€

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MEINL MYO-CAY NAT Make Your Own Cajon MEINL MYO-CAY NAT Make Your Own Cajon

One of the most popular percussion instruments today is the Cajon and now with the new MEINL Cajon Kit you can build your own. The kit comes with all ..

46,55€ 49,00€

MEINL B20TRC BYZANCE Vintage 20˝ Crash Cymbal

The different sizes and shapes of the cut-outs gives the cymbal a unique look and a wide spread and a trashy, noisy sound. Recommended for quick accen..

346,10€ 432,63€

MEINL HC555NT Headliner Set Conga

The 10" & 11" pair is the perfect set of congas to get you started! The compact size is easy for young players to handle, light to carry, and has a fu..

344,42€ 430,53€

MEINL B20DAR BYZANCE Dark 20˝ Ride Cymbal

Low frequency range with esoteric character due to the untreated finish. Dark, earthy, with a short sustain and a defined ping and bell.Style: Pop, Fu..

336,00€ 420,00€

MEINL B20MC BYZANCE Traditional Medium 20˝ Crash Cymbal

Traditional, warm sound in an extremely wide dynamic spectrum. Energetic, exploding attack and a louder response.Style: Rock, Pop, Fusion, Jazz, Funk,..

330,10€ 412,63€

Meinl HC888NT has a lot to offer - The 10" & 11" pair is the perfect set of congas to get you started! The compact size is easy for young players to h..

392,00€ 412,63€

MEINL B18POC BYZANCE Polyphonic 18˝ Crash Cymbal

Meinl B18POC Byzance Polyphonic; Expressively dark crashes with thin edges but thicker unlathed bells. Projecting quickly in an explosive blast, and t..

385,16€ 405,43€

MEINL B14DAH BYZANCE Dark 14˝ Hi-Hat Cymbal

MEINL B14DAH Byzance Dark; Untreated finish. Esoteric, dark sound with a dirty, earthy open hihat and a short sustain and chick.Style: Pop, Fusion, Ja..

382,00€ 402,11€

Meinl TMCP Cajon Pedal

Connect with your cajon on an entirely new level with the Cajon Pedal from MEINL Percussion. This pedal leaves your hands unrestricted to play pattern..

186,00€ 195,79€

MEINL B20MR BYZANCE Traditional Medium 20˝ Ride Cymbal

Byzance Traditional Mainl; Balanced, controllable stick response with a defined ping and a blend of bright overtones. Warm basic sound with medium sus..

309,90€ 387,37€

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