SONOR AX GB: Type: Alto Sound bars made of Sucupira, 35 x 18 mm Resonator box made birch plywood C major scale 16 notes: c1, d1, e1, f1, f-sharp1, g1,..

350,00€ 368,42€

SONOR TAG 25 Tenor Chromatic Glockenspiel

The Sonor TAG25 Glockenspiel is a 25 note glockenspiel that produces a brilliant sound and is ideal for educational purposes, but also for general use..

252,99€ 266,31€

SONOR DP 4000 Bass Drum Pedal

The Sonor DP 4000 double pedal is a professional bass drum pedal from Sonor with excellent running characteristics at an extremely fair price. The bas..

243,37€ 304,21€

SONOR NG 11 ; C-major scale with f-sharp and b-flat bars, Single-row, 16 Specially alloyed red steel bars: , Includes 1 pair of wooden mallets. Orff i..

69,45€ 73,10€

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SONOR NG 30 Soprano Chromatic Glockenspiel SONOR NG 30 Soprano Chromatic Glockenspiel

SONOR NG 30; Excellent sound off this little glock, it has excellent resonance and clarity and is perfect for the studio or the stage.Color: NaturalSp..

82,00€ 86,32€

SONOR PL 12 1406 SDWD Snare Drum SONOR PL 12 1406 SDWD Snare Drum

The SONOR ProLite Snare PL 12 1406 SDWD is a professional all-rounder among Sonor Snare drums. It captivates with its warm, crisp maple sound and a wo..

705,89€ 1.008,42€

SONOR PL 12 1406 Snare Drum

The SONOR ProLite Snare PL 12 1406 SDWD is a professional all-rounder among Sonor Snare drums. It captivates with its warm, crisp maple sound and a wo..

741,31€ 988,42€

Sonor Global Beat Series, MA GB Alt Metallophone, tonal range c1-a2, C-major scale with f-sharp1, b-flat1 and f-sharp2, 16 bars, metal bars 35 x 5 mm,..

374,00€ 393,68€


SONOR VT SDW VPL, vintage snare.Snare Drum: 14" x 5.75"Shell Thickness: 9 plies, 6 mmHardware Finish: ChromeSpecifications: Drum shell material: Beech..

588,16€ 784,21€

SONOR NG 31; Orff instruments have been an integral part of Sonor's product range since 1953. Since then, they have been an indispensable part of earl..

121,90€ 128,32€

SONOR SXP 1.1; Primary line series,16 Notes, Fundamental tuning, Pao Rosa sound bars. Orff instruments have been an integral part of Sonor's product r..

343,00€ 361,05€

The Sonor SX-GB Global Beat Soprano Xylophone has 16 sucupira bars with the dimensions of 35mm length x 18mm width each to make up a soprano style xyl..

311,00€ 327,37€

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Sonor BWG Boomwhackers Soprano Glockenspiel, comes with a pair of wooden beaters. Made in Germany. Child-friendly design with rounded edges, and a bea..

29,17€ 30,71€

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SONOR GS Glockenspiel SONOR GS Glockenspiel

The Sonor GS Kids Glockenspiel is a GS Glockenspiel soprano with a Toy Sound range, With instructions and song examples, Range C3 - F4, C Major scale...

25,00€ 26,32€

SONOR ALT AXP1,1 Kids Percussion

Sonor's Primary Series was developed after extensive research to improve the resonance and ensure a balanced sound. Sonor has significantly reworked t..

447,00€ 470,53€

Alto metallophone AMP1.1 Primary Line Sonor, Diatonic: C-Dur scale, Range: c1 - a2 with additional plates fis1, b1, fis2, 16 plates of light metal 35 ..

405,00€ 426,32€

Size: 20 cm Silver aluminium Pair Item No.: 7500518..

99,00€ 104,21€

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SONOR GP Soprano Primary Line Glockenspiel SONOR GP Soprano Primary Line Glockenspiel

The Sonor Soprano Glockenspiel GP is suitable for music educational purposes and provides 14 notes from C3 to F4 sharp with brilliant tuning and great..

37,51€ 39,48€

SONOR G 10; Resonant housing made of solid beech wood. Suitable for the concept of early education in music schools. Great and easy to learn and great..

41,00€ 43,16€

Item No.: 7500507..

311,00€ 327,37€

SONOR R12 MC Basic Rack Arm Cymbal Holder

SONOR BR12, stand  for to the drum rack, for cymbal.Hardware Finish: ChromeMaterial: SteelLength: 485 mmItem No.: 7500655..

61,00€ 64,21€

SONOR SG; An extremely attractive design appeals to children is the feature of the bell Nspiele. They have rounded edges and streamlined built-in hold..

37,51€ 39,48€


The pinnacle of SONOR hardware. Offering maximum reliability and optimum handling with lots of individual components. Professional down to the smalles..

289,00€ 304,21€

SONOR NG10 Kids Percussion

The Sonor NG10 Glockenspiel is aimed at the elementary education market and is a great starting point for children to learn a new instrument. The NG10..

52,00€ 54,74€

The Sonor Soprano Metallophon SM consists of a resonance box made of pine plywood and blue sound plates made of special alloy metal. The Metallophone ..

217,00€ 228,42€

SONOR L 2693 Mexican Maracas

Maracas Sonor L 2693, Mexican style, Wood, wooden handgripItem No.: 7500561..

25,91€ 27,27€

SONOR CMC 0910 Bongos

Diameter: 9" (22 cm) and 10" (25 cm) Total height: 35 cm Champion series Chrome-plated, rounded hoops make playing comfortable High-gloss lacquer ..

199,00€ 209,47€


Bass drum hi-hat adapter For attaching the hi-hat to the bass drum hoop, Suitable for double bass setups, Adjustable angles and lengths, Docking ...Sp..

49,00€ 51,58€

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