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VIC FIRTH 5A Drumsticks VIC FIRTH 5A Drumsticks

Vic Firth 5A American Classic drumsticks are light - but not too light - and work really well for jazz and big band music, as well as concert work. Th..


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VIC FIRTH X5A Extreme Drumsticks VIC FIRTH X5A Extreme Drumsticks

Vic Firth X5A are like the 5A, with more power and reach. For over 30 years, the American Classic® drumstick series has been the popular choice of cou..


SD2 American Custom® Bolero Maple Drumsticks feature a round tip that is perfect for light jazz, studio, orchestral and pit work.Wood: MapleTip Shape:..


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VIC FIRTH 5B Drumsticks VIC FIRTH 5B Drumsticks

Vic Firth American Classic Hickory drumsticks! 5B is similar to 5A stick, only slightly thicker. The wooden sticks have a finished part made in the sh..


VIC FIRTH SIH2 Drum Headphones

We have gone back to the drawing board to make one of our most popular hearing protection products, the Stereo Isolation Headphones even better. The ..

79,00€ 83,16€

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VIC FIRTH 7A Drumsticks VIC FIRTH 7A Drumsticks

Vic Firth 7A American Classic drumsticks are really light, making them very appropriate for more delicate music like jazz combo work. Even though the..


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VIC FIRTH N7A NOVA 7A Drumsticks VIC FIRTH N7A NOVA 7A Drumsticks

The Vic Firth Nova Series is a grade B hickory drum stick range for the drummer or percussionist on a tight budget. Although they are cheaper than the..


The American Classic® line combines tradition and Vic Firth style. With bold designs for fuller sound, the Classics are turned from select hickory - a..


With a diameter that sits right between the 5A and 5B, The 55A is the perfect choice for when a 5B is just a little more stick than is required. The ..


Vic Firth 5ANVG American Classic® Vic Grip Drumsticks feature a nylon tear drop tip for rich cymbal sounds as well as Vic Firth's Vic Grip. Light and ..


A pair of Nova Series 5A nylon tips made of hickory Class B wood. Nova Series drumsticks are ideal for drummers or percussionists on a tight budget - ..


VIC FIRTH M223 Ney Rosauro Medium Hard Marimba Mallets VIC FIRTH M223 Ney Rosauro Medium Hard Marimba Mallets

Vic Firth M223 Ney Rosauro Medium Hard Marimba Mallets: versatile and general mallet that produces full and natural sound throughout the entire keyboa..

50,91€ 59,90€

VIC FIRTH SRH Hardimon Marching Snare Drumsticks

Item No.: SRH..


VIC FIRTH M227 Ney Rosauro Hard Mallets

The Vic Firth Ney Rosauro Series M227 hard cord vibraphone mallets are designed to produce lots of articulation on the vibes. The M227 feature rubber..

62,23€ 65,50€


A retractable plastic brush that features thin flexible bristles for fusion and jazz.Color: RedSpecifications: Bristle Spread: 4"Specifications II: Ma..

30,88€ 32,50€

The American Classic® line combines tradition and Vic Firth style. With bold designs for fuller sound, the Classics are turned from select hickory - a..


VIC FIRTH SD4 Combo Drumsticks

Slightly shorter and thinner than average and crafted from maple, the SD4 Combo plays light and fast. Ideal for jazz combo or chamber music.Wood: Mapl..


For durability and the brightest cymbal sounds, nylon tips are the answer. The American Classic® nylon tip models mirror their wood tip counterparts, ..


VIC FIRTH SD1 General Drumsticks

Round tip. Ideal for orchestral work, rock and band. A legendary practice stick.Wood: MapleTip Shape: RoundTip Material: WoodDiameter: 1,61 cmSpecific..



Combining the two most popular Vic Firth RE-MIX Brush pairs, African Grass & Birch, in one combo pack. Birch dowels offer mid-range volume and attack ..

88,78€ 93,45€

Item No.: VICPACK..

125,31€ 131,90€

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VIC FIRTH N5B NOVA 5B Drumsticks VIC FIRTH N5B NOVA 5B Drumsticks

Vic Firth NOVA Drum Sticks, Wood Tip, Hickory Wood, Size 5B, Model# N5B    Color: NaturalWood: HickoryTip Shape: OvalTip Material: WoodLength: 40,64..


Vic Firth drum mutes are made of non-slip pure rubber for realistic action.   Mute Prepack4 Includes: 1 - 10" Tom Mute 1 - 12" Tom Mute 1 - 14"..

80,28€ 84,50€

VIC FIRTH SBRN Buddy Rich Nylon Drumsticks

The Vic Firth Buddy Rich Signature Drum Sticks SBRN are painted white and have a nylon tip. The Buddy Rich SBRN drumsticks from Vic Firth are made of ..


Designed with Etymotic Research, Vic Firth's High-Fidelity Ear Plugs are of some of the highest quality ear plugs on the market. They are designed to ..

21,95€ 23,10€


A big part of being a professional is being prepared. And with the Vic Firth SBAG3 drumstick bag from Sweetwater, you’re ready for anything an ad hoc ..

119,70€ 126,00€

VIC FIRTH SD6 Swizzle Bolero Drumsticks

VIC FIRTH SD6 SWIZZLE; An SD2 Bolero with a hard, spun felt ball attached to the butt end. Ideal for fast changes on cymbals.Wood: MapleTip Shape: Rou..

30,04€ 31,62€

VIC FIRTH SDW Dave Weckl Drumsticks

The Vic Firth Dave Weckl Sticks SDW, Signature Series are high quality, professional drumsticks, designed in partnership with master drummer Dave Weck..


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