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When people talk about wah-wah pedals, they’re talking about the Cry Baby Wahs. This is the one that created some of the most timeless sounds in rock. The pedal that would eventually become the Cry Baby was first created in 1966 by engineers at the T..
109.00 € 114.74 €
Designed in collaboration with Eddie Van Halen, Custom designed inductor & potentiometer, Modeled after Eddie's “Holy Grail” custom Cry Baby The EVH Wah was developed after intensive design collaboration with the legendary guitarist, Eddie Van Halen..
209.89 € 220.94 €
John Petrucci Signature Cry Baby WahJP95 Based on John Petrucci’s Cry Baby Rack Wah settingsUltimate tonal control of wah effect The JP95 John Petrucci Signature Cry Baby® Wah is the result of the legendary prog metal shredder’s years-long quest to..
236.55 € 249.00 €
Don’t let its small size fool you—the CBM95 Cry Baby Mini Wah doesn’t skimp on tone or usability. It comes equipped with the legendary Fasel inductor, a full sweep range, and three internally adjustable voicings—Low, Vintage, and GCB95. At half the s..
129.90 € 136.74 €
Like the man himself, the Slash Wah from Dunlop is both revolutionary and classic, right down to its hot rod metallic red finish and cutting edge circuit design. The Slash Wah deploys a searing high gain distortion coupled with the Fasel-loaded Class..
209.89 € 220.94 €
Jim Dunlop 95Q Crybaby Wah Wah PedalEffect Type: WahPower Supply: 9V Battery / AC AdaptorControls: Adjustable q controlSpecification: Heavy die cast construction for years of reliability,100k ohm hot potz potentiometer that allows for that quick, abr..
166.90 € 175.68 €
Throaty voice and expressive sweep of the first production wah wah ever made. Thru-hole components with a premium pot, switch, and jacks. Dunlop HI01 Halo Inductor to minimize unpleasant microphonics The Clyde McCoy® by Cry Baby® Wah Wah is a tribut..
244.89 € 257.78 €
Joe Bonamassa Signature Cry Baby® Wah Wah JB95 Vintage-style Halo Inductor for added harmonic content and growl Internal switch for True Bypass or non-True Bypass operation Lightweight aluminum housing Whether he’s blazing through the blues on ..
209.89 € 220.94 €
Modeled after Jerry Cantrell's darker, wider sounding wah-wah tone.Side-control knob for fine tuning the toe-down frequency.Oxidized "road worn" brass casting and custom AIC tread. One of the most influential guitarists to come out of the Seattle ro..
189.90 € 199.89 €
The Dunlop Jimi Hendrix JH1D Crybaby is an attempt to create a wah much like the one that Jimi himself used (mods & all). Its tone is noticeably darker than that of the standard Crybaby & this, coupled with its significantly more prominent vocal swee..
154.99 € 163.15 €
The 535Q is the Swiss Army knife of wah pedals. It provides control over the most important wah parameters, making it easy for you to create your ultimate wah tone. Select the frequency center of the effect, then dial in the frequency range to be swe..
198.85 € 220.94 €
This might just be the most flexible, powerful wah pedal ever. Designed in conjunction with legendary guitarist Dimebag Darrell, the DB01 Cry Baby From Hell features an extended sweep range with a fine tune knob, 6-way range selector, kick-in volume ..
207.00 € 217.89 €
Now you can command the same killer wah tone as Kirk with the new Kirk Hammett Signature Wah. Developed in close collaboration with the metal guitar icon himself, it has been meticulously tuned and tweaked to deliver the wah-wah sound that revolution..
189.90 € 199.89 €
Tuned to a lower frequency Featuring a custom-wound resonance inductor True hardwire bypass Throughout his career, Slash has used the Cry Baby to create his trademark epic solos that he weaves into his groundbreaking gritty, blues-influenced r..
183.89 € 193.57 €

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