NUX NDO-6 QUEEN OF TONE Dual Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal

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QUEEN of TONE is a dual overdrive pedal stacked with Horseman and Morning Star.

Why? Because great guitarists love 2 overdrives for their tone.

On the left side of the pedal is the Horseman with SILVER mode. The Horseman is based on the legendary Centaur, with a modified circuit to access the secondary function by simply holding the foot switch~ SILVER mode. Carve out your tone with the Output, Treble, and Gain knobs, then try switching between the 2 modes: Gold and Silver, which offers massive headway usually requiring an 18v input. Gold Mode mimics its classic predecessor; the transparent Gold Centaur overdrive pedal and the Silver Mode is a powered-up version with an extended gain range (Silver Centaur).

On the right side of the pedal is the Morning Star with SHINE mode. The Morning Star is based on the legendary Bluesbreaker circuit: a very transparent, low gain drive. Like our Morning Star, it also features a simple foot switch hold to engage the iconic SHINE mode for a crystal clear treble boosted tone.

Effect Type: Overdrive
Input Impedance: 2.2MΩ
Output Impedance: 1kΩ
Power Supply: 9V DC
Current Draw: less than 100mA (52mA)
Specifications: 2 classic over drive circuits in one compact enclosure.
Specifications II: Versatile modes and routing design to enhance the tone variety.
Specifications III: IFS: INPUT FET STAGE design to drive the amp’s breakthrough edge.
Length: 105mm
Width: 115mm
Height: 58mm
Weight: 440g

Item No.: NDO-6

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