LIREVO TOKEN 15 15W Guitar Amplifier

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LIREVO TOKEN 15, a guitar amplifier with 15W of power, which is necessary for practice or learning and even for small performances. Token 15W contains the option of APP-LINK connection, for easier practice and learning. A guitar amp that you can use to learn with a teacher at practice sessions because its weight is negligible and it's portable and contains all the accessories you'll need. This mobility makes the Token 15 very popular at rehearsal and performance schools. The entire concept of the amplifier is designed so that you have the feeling of playing at a much higher volume, but you will not disturb your neighbors. The quality and volume of the sound is significantly improved by the Celestion speaker and we have heard its sound countless times in many genres of music. Configure the CELESTION Eight15. delay and reverb function. Bluetooth connection function, APP-LINK device connection interface 15 watts electric guitar combo.



Color: Black
Electronics: Electronic chip Reverb and Delay
Amp Style: Combo
Amp Type: Solid State
Preamp: Solid-State
Power Amp: Solid-State
Wattage: 15w
Channels: Two-Channel
Speakers: 1×8" 8Ω(Celestion Eight15)
Amp Style: Combo
Effects: Reverb
Controls: Drive channel:Gain, Volume, Over Drive & Crunch switch, Clean channel:Volume, 3 Band EQ:Bass,Middle,
Features: Removable power cord
Width: 370 mm
Height: 375 mm
Depth: 210 mm
Weight: 7.2(Kg)

Item No.: TOKEN15

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