KORG OPSIX SE FM Electronic Keyboard

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opsix SE is a digital synth like no other. With a premium all-metal design, 61-keys, and aftertouch, it unlocks a new world of sonic capabilities. Building on the expansive sound engine in the original opsix, opsix SE enhances it with increased polyphony and voicing, resulting in a synthesizer created for superior performance and precise control.

The opsix Operator Mixer simplified FM synthesis for the first time, making it not just comprehensible but also controllable. With the addition of extra synthesis capabilities and programming, it offered a more efficient workflow and an even richer sound.

The opsix SE takes this even further. It is equipped with Korg's premium 61-key natural-touch keyboard, complete with aftertouch, delivering the exceptional tactile experience expected from Korg's flagship workstations. With a sleek, robust metal body, it's built for both the intensity of live gigs and the precision of studio sessions. The metallic knobs are optimally weighted for effortless adjustments.

Underneath its exterior, the opsix SE boasts an incredible capacity of 80 stereo voices of polyphony. The opsix SE arrives preloaded with hundreds of sounds enhanced for aftertouch control. Moreover, it is fully compatible with the sounds and samples from both the original opsix and the opsix Native software, including numerous high-quality libraries.

Number of  Keys: 61 keys (Natural touch keybord with velocity and release-velocity sensitive, aftertouch)
Number of Polyphony (Max.): 80 voices (The maximum number of voices is varied depending on the setting.)
Number of Preset Voices: 40 presets + user algorithm (unique to each program)
Number of Preset Songs: 500 (350 preset programs and 150 user programs as the factory-set)
Power Supply: AC adapter (DC12V)
Controls: MODULATION wheel, PITCH wheel, RATIO OP 1–6 knobs, LEVEL OP 1–6 sliders, DATA ENTRY A–F knobs
Specifications: USB B port
Specifications II: Step Sequencer (up to 16 steps, up to 6 notes per step) Motion Sequencer (up to 6 lanes)
Specifications III: Altered FM sound generator
Features: Filter11 types (LPF 12, LPF 24, LPF MS-20, LPF POLY6, HPF 12, HPF 24, HPF MS-20, BPF 6, BPF 12, BRF 6, BRF 12)
Features II: 6 operators, 1 filter, 3 EGs, 3 LFOs, 3 effects, step sequencer, arpeggiator
Features III: Effect30 types (Chorus, Unison Ensemble, Phaser, Phaser (BPM) , Auto Pan, Auto Pan (BPM), Flanger, Flanger (BPM) , Rotary Speaker, Auto Wah, Exciter, Enhancer, LFO Filter, 3-Band EQ, Distortion, Guitar Amp, Decimator, Grain Shifter, Master Limiter, Compressor, Delay, Delay (BPM) , Autopan Dly, Autopan Dly (BPM), Tape Echo, Tape Echo (BPM) , Early Reflection, Reverb, Shimmer Reverb, Spring Reverb) x 3
Width: 1,014mm
Height: 108 mm
Depth: 344mm
Weight: 8.6kg


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