FLIGHT FAC-1 Acoustic Guitar Capo

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FLIGHT FAC-1 Capo for Acoustic Guitar: quick change and precise adjustment

The FLIGHT FAC-1 is a capo for acoustic guitar that allows for quick changes and precise adjustments while playing the instrument and between songs. A simple and effective tool to improve your guitar playing!

The FLIGHT FAC-1 is an innovative capo for acoustic guitar that allows for quick and easy changing and fine-tuning during playing and between songs. Designed with a spring, this capo provides a stable grip on the strings while allowing for quick adjustments to the position on the guitar neck.

Whether you want to change the tonality of your instrument or simply adjust your playing position between songs, the FLIGHT FAC-1 capo will meet your needs. Its simple and efficient design allows for intuitive use, while its durable construction ensures long-term reliability. In addition, the FLIGHT FAC-1 is made with quality materials that ensure excellent sound and durability.

With this capo you can improve your guitar playing and expand your musical possibilities. Try the FLIGHT FAC-1 today and discover how a simple tool can enhance your music experience!

Color: Silver

Item No.: FAC-1

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