ERNIE BALL 2241 SLINKY RPS 9-46 Electric Guitar Strings

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Ernie Ball 2241 Slinky RPS Nickel Wound electric guitar strings are a reinforced version of Slinky strings and are distinguished by their strength and durability.

The patented RPS (Reinforced Plain Steel) technology is used to prevent the string from breaking at the base thanks to specially developed materials - a winding of bronze wire on the first three strings, which secures the twist of the fastening of the balls, preventing unwinding. Each uncoiled string has a patented brass wire reinforcement at the base of the string.

High quality sound is achieved through the nickel-plated steel winding. Coiled strings are made from a steel hex core, while uncoiled strings are made from specially hardened, tinned, high carbon steel. This solution provides stability, tone balance and durability.

String Gauge: 009 - 046
String Material: Nickel Plated Steel
Coated: No
Wound: Round Wound
String End: Ball End
Number of Strings: 6
Specifications: 9-11-16-26-36-46

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