ENLEMA M4 Active Studio Monitor

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Enlema M4 Studio Monitors; Looking for the perfect active studio monitors to elevate your music production, mixing, or mastering projects? Look no further! Our active studio monitors provide unparalleled audio accuracy and fidelity, making them an essential addition to any home or professional studio setup.

Superior Sound Quality Our monitors are designed to deliver crystal-clear audio with a flat frequency response. This ensures that you hear your recordings exactly as they are, with no coloration or distortion. Whether you're mixing tracks or mastering a final cut, our monitors give you the precision you need.

Built-In Amplification Unlike passive monitors, our active studio monitors come with built-in amplifiers, eliminating the need for an external amp. This not only saves space but also ensures that the audio signal is perfectly matched to the speaker's drivers for optimal performance.

Versatile Connectivity Our monitors feature a range of input options, including XLR, TRS, and RCA, making them compatible with various audio interfaces and equipment. This versatility allows for seamless integration into any studio setup.

Customizable Sound Many of our active studio monitors come with adjustable controls for tuning the sound to your room’s acoustics. You can easily tweak the low, mid, and high frequencies to achieve the perfect sound balance for your specific environment.

Durable and Stylish Design Crafted from high-quality materials, our studio monitors are built to last. The sleek and modern design not only looks great but also enhances the acoustics, providing both form and function.

Perfect for All Audio Applications

Whether you're a music producer, sound engineer, or a content creator, our active studio monitors are perfect for: Recording, Mixing, Mastering,Multimedia content creation, Gaming sound design, Film and video post-production, ...

Color: Cabinet Material MDF PVC coating
Frequency Response: (-10dB):55Hz-22000Hz
Diameter: Woofer 4" Rubber edge paper cone
Specifications: Speaker Type 2-way active speakers
Specifications II: Tweeter Silk dome with 13mm voice-coil
Specifications III: Crossover 4KHz
Features: SPL 105dB
Features II: Audio input connections AUX, BLUETOOTH
Features III: High Frequency Adjustments ±6dB, Low Frequency Adjustments ±6dB

Item No.: 7800378

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