DUNLOP DBFS45125 45-125 Flatwound Bass Guitar Strings

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Flatwound bass strings are more popular than they have been in years. Their sound harkens back to the timeless rock, funk, and R&B recordings that helped define the role of modern bass players. More and more of those players are looking to the flatwound sound for new inspiration that’s informed by a classic aesthetic. Dunlop Flatwound Bass Strings embody that sensibility. They provide a clear, solid fundamental and superior tonal versatility. Rolling off your bass’ tone knob takes you from a modern punchy and articulate sound to that classically deep, mellow thump flatwound strings are famous for.

String Gauge: 045 - 125
String Material: Stain­less Steel
Coated: No
Wound: Flat Wound
String End: Ball End
Specifications: Gauges: 045, 065, 085, 105, 125
Specifications II: Long Scale (Standard)
Specifications III: Hex Core

Item No.: DBFS45125

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