DADDARIO XTC46 HARD TENSION Classical Guitar Strings

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XT is a new microscopically thin hydrophobic treatment on the proprietary precision-drawn silver-plated copper wrap wire, resulting in a string that lasts 3x longer than a regular set while maintaining the tone and feel of a brand new standard set.  This improved extended lifespan treatment across the basses boasts class-leading long-lasting performance.  As trebles tend to mellow and improve with age, D'Addario has left these untouched, creating the ultimate classical guitar set.

XT strings are designed both for professional players who need to ready to play at any minute, demanding instant performance; and also players who just want to play and don't want the fuss of changing strings.

String Tension: Hard
String Material: Silver Plated Copper
Coated: Yes
Wound: Round Wound
String End: Tie
Specifications: Gauges .029, .033, .041, .029, .039, .046
Specifications II: Trebles: Clear Nylon
Specifications III: Gauge Range 89.94 lbs / Hard

Item No.: XTC46

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