CUENCA 30 Classical Guitar

The Model 30 is another step up in volume, warmth and response. Even above the VIIth position the player has a subtle control over both the volume and..

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CUENCA 70R Classical Guitar

The Model 70R is the first model in the Cuenca series with solid Indian rosewood back and sides. This and the excellent close grained quarter-sawn sou..

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CUENCA 10 Classical Guitar

The first full-sized guitar in the Cuenca range is a serious instrument which will give any beginner guitarist a head start.The sound of this most pop..

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CUENCA 50R Classical Guitar

The Conservatorio Series Model 50's design is based on that of the Model 40, but with a reinforced neck. The wooden strip adds strength to the neck an..

799,00€ 841,05€

Lowest price last 30 days: 799,00€
CUENCA MOD.40R Classical Guitar

The Cuenca model 40R is the first guitar in the Conservatorio range and includes an ebony fingerboard and Indian rosewood back and sides (laminate) wh..

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If you're looking for a modestly priced guitar with a clear and powerful tone that projects very well, then the Estudio Series Model 45 is an ideal ch..

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CUENCA MOD.30 A Classical Guitar

The German spruce top is well matched with a clean straight grain. Its pale colour contrasts well with the dark rosewood bridge and purfling, matching..

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Lowest price last 30 days: 470,00€
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