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Larger still in size and volume, tenors are arguably the most versatile member of the ukulele family. Sporting up to 19 frets, a tenor can do everythi..

79,80€ 84,00€

The largest members of the ukulele family, baritones are usually tuned like the four top strings of a guitar, making them perfect for guitar players w..

88,35€ 93,00€

And now, for something slightly different! Featuring six nylon strings on the body of a spruce baritone ukulele, Flight’s GUT350 guitarlele is an exci..

89,00€ 93,68€

A Voyager is a restless traveller, always looking for new, uncharted experiences. Voyager is also a striking Concert-sized ukulele with a solid spruce..

401,00€ 422,11€


The Baby Guitar is perfect for the guitar players who love the sound of the ukulele but do not know how to play one. Discover the sound of islands usi..

99,00€ 104,21€

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