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The largest members of the ukulele family, baritones are usually tuned like the four top strings of a guitar, making them perfect for guitar players w..

88,35€ 93,00€

The DUS322 is our only all-zebrawood ukulele and is a real head-turner. We just love the pattern of this exotic wood, which sounds as good as it looks..

89,00€ 93,68€


Color: NaturalBody Style: TravelFinish: SatinNeck: SapeleNeck Finish: SatinFingerboard: WalnutNumber of Frets: 18 / silver nickelScale: 432 mmMachine ..

99,00€ 104,21€

Larger still in size and volume, tenors are arguably the most versatile member of the ukulele family. Sporting up to 19 frets, a tenor can do everythi..

79,80€ 84,00€

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